Monday, February 8, 2010


Well one could get used to no school on Mondays in Memphis and Shelby County.... No really...
32 years ago yesterday my wonderful hubby was born. So, Super Bowl Sunday was two fold this year. I have not completely recovered from my sinus surgery (beginning to think it was a mistake) and was laid up on the made up bed for a few hours before the festivities began. But, not Robbie, he was up bright and early on his b-day to start smoking his and Nic's infamous ribs. With friends and family coming over to cheer on Dem Saints and Colts we cleaned up and got ready to par-tay. We had a spread... rotel, corn dip, veggies, Doritos that taste like hamburgers, ribs, lasagna, and of course a football field birthday cake from Polka Dot Bakery (aka my lil Ellen). Of course I knew all along that the Saints were going to win, but Robbie was pulling for the Colts. But, there were a few sour sports(Robbie's words) when my team pulled out a victory! WHO DAT!!! Before the night was over someone mentioned it was supposed to snow. We were all like YEAH RIGHT!!!
5:05 am Robbie comes in and wakes me up saying there was white EVERYWHERE... I was like right... that is so not funny! He flipped on the TV and sure enough Shelby county schools were closed along with any other school in the tri-state area. Well, I am not sure if it was the excitement of an unexpected snow day or just that he woke me up and I was rested... I was wide awake and wanted DONUTS! Apparently Kroger opens at 6 am but they don't have donuts at 6 am. So, we made the trek to Howard's on 64... it was snowing harder than I have ever seen. By the time we got home there were about 4 inches on everything. I ate a donut or two and decided to go sleep in since it was only 7 am . Woke up and half of the snow was gone and the roads were completely clear, but... sleet was falling fast and furious! In fact it still is... So the big question is... will we or won't we go to school tomorrow???