Saturday, March 26, 2011

DIY Robbins Style Part 1

Well as you have read, we are trying desperately to get our house market ready so we can sell that joker and move on to greener pastures. Well without Internet I haven't been able to update much... So today is the day that I will post some pics of the projects. We we still haven't grouted the tile, have a room and and a bathroom to paint, and the list could go on.

Guest Bathroom Tiled

Mid Backsplash Tile Job
Kitchen Backsplash Tiled
Master Bath Vanity area before (carpet)

Toilet & Bath Area Before (linoleum)

Master Closet before (carpet)

Closet pre - grout
Vanity Area pre - grout

Closet completed

Toilet and Bath Area Complete
We have also ripped up the carpet in the hallway, and tiled the hallway, kitchen, pantry and laundry room. Pictures soon! We had the exterior of the house painted, have painted the master, guest, and are in the process of finishing painting the office. Once we get those rooms finished I will post pics of those, and hopefully there will be a FOR SALE sign and a St. Joseph's statue burried in the yard!!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Much needed update... Short and sweet style

Well since a few folks have pointed out that I've been MIA, here is a very quick update.

* we cancelled our Internet so I'm typing this on my phone(can we say INCONVENIENT)
But since we have no internet I haven't been blogging

* nope not pregnant... Although it is in the water, but I've been drinking kool aid.. Lol

* we are in full chaos mode with getting our house ready for the market. Also contributing the MIAness

* I originally gave up bread for Lent, but decided I am giving up the want for a baby. That is much harder for me. I can't imagine that we were put on Earth and were not supposed to be parents, but at this point I am starting to think that maybe I'm wrong. I know you are supposed to give something up that will cause you some sort of suffrage. Well there you go! But I have added deep prayer for those who are or longing to become pregnant. I figure if I'm not going to be a parent I should focus my prayer and energy on people who are chosen to have little gifts from God.

I am apologizing now for typos and such. Typing on an iPhone that loves to change my words lol
Once life gets less hectic I will try to resume blogging! I miss it so much!!!