Sunday, July 14, 2013

It happened...

The one thing that I thought all this time I would be completely hysterical about, mad at the world, inconsolable... need I go on. My sister is pregnant.

Strangely enough, it was more the hubs that had a full out temper tantrum and went on and on and on about it. See I have been going to a Bible study all summer at my moms. We are doing a study of joy even in rain of our lives finding the joy that comes from GOD alone! I really think that it is the reason I am not beating my hands on the floor screaming why??? At our last meeting we were discussing finding joy even in our worst disappointments. Well I hadn't planned on totally unleashing all that is IF to this small group of women... but the moment presented itself and for once with people I don't know that well and have no idea if they have any idea about IF, and then of course my mom,  ( whom I have never really been able to discuss this part of my life with because well,... she doesn't understand and just wanted to fix what couldn't be fixed) I let it all out. I was calm and collected then I burst into tears.. Explaining that I am so thankful for my husband and relationship with God, because without both, who knows where I would be at this point. How really it was hard for me in the first few years. I smiled through the pain and then unleashed the wrath of an infertile woman on my husband and God. Then something changed and I realized that with God it was going to be possible but that it wasn't the right time. But needless to say, I got it all off my chest. It was much easier than I had thought it would be. But the message has really helped me. Along with other things that have happened over the past year. I am blessed with so much Joy I can't let the unjoyous ( if that is a word)  over shadow.

But, that has got to be the reason this is not hurting me more. I think I am more worried for this child than I am about her being pregnant. She is not married as of now, and her boyfriend doesn't have a job right now. I mean PERFECT freaking timing right??? I think I also had some notice... she blurted out over here one night that they were trying. She actually said to me..."Morgan, I am not getting any younger!!!" I almost punched her in the face. But, she has always done things her own way and not listened to ANYONE. So, how would this be any different?

So, my problem comes in that now my husband who was pushing for us to start trying again said last night... I don't even want to try anymore. I don't want to get pregnant and be pregnant at the same time. Which I can completely understand and kind of agree... I don't want to share the lime light that we have tried so hard for, for so very long with  "Miss. we really weren't trying" ( ok I know that was totally catty.. sorry)

So, I am going to be an aunt in late February. If you know me in real life this is not public knowledge yet so please don't say anything. This was a quick post I apologize for typos or if there are parts that don't make sense..

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Don't Go Chasing Waterfalls...

Well, I sure didn't chase one, but I got one... in my living room. When we bought our house we knew that they previous owners might have walked away from it because of all the leaks that they had. My hometown is known for its pin hole leaks in the plumbing, due to a glitch in the code enforcement between about a 20 year time period. So, most if not all of the people in my hood have had to re plumb or fix multitudes of leaks. Our thought was, 1: they already had them so hopefully they fixed the problem, 2: for the price we were getting it was worth taking the chance, because we would run into this problem with any houses in our price rage and area we wanted to live.

So, Wednesday started out like any other. I got up to take a shower so I could get ready to go pick up some chairs that I scored for $5 each and then to lunch with my best friend. During my shower I noticed that the water wasn't draining... I was like oh crap! I still needed to shave my legs and the water was getting close to the bottom of the door. So, I hurried and got out. Sent a text to Robbie (who I thought was still at work... but was actually about to come into the house) showing a pic of the water just sitting there. I then got the plunger. It wasn't working correctly, but the water finally started going down. About the time it was all gone, Robbie yelled up to me that water was coming through the ac vent all over the floor and chair sitting by the fire place. I was like WHAT?!?!?!? I really thought he pulling my leg. I ran down and sure enough, my chair that I have been planing to recover was SOAKED! Water was everywhere in that area. We dried it up with towels and called Home Warranty Peeps asap. They sent someone out and low and behold... IT'S NOT COVERED! Yeah we paid for the "covers everything" home warranty and it has yet to cover anything we have called about. :( BOO!

The plumber called a restoration company that deals with the mess and cause of our problem... the infamous shower pan. This guy measured the water under our already warping wood floors... 100%. Upstairs there was water under the flooring in our bathroom. The ceiling was wet... His thoughts. New floors up and down, new ceiling, new shower. But that they shower pan was not going to be covered by homeowners either. BOO! Well, until we found out it cost like $40 bucks.

Of course this all happens on July 3rd, the day my town is celebrating the 4th. So, restoration guy sets up 5 million loud fans and dehumidifiers and leaves, to be back with the adjuster on the 5th.

Crazy part, we can still use the shower as long as it doesn't stop up. It only leaks if it stops up. So, until we start demo... We are still using it.

Fast forward to the 5th. I have been prepared to FIGHT TO THE DEATH on making sure that insurance pays for the demo and reconstruct of the shower... Because it was in question since they don't cover the pan. Much to my surprise, I didn't have to fight for anything, they were going to do everything I wanted done and then some! HALLELUJAH! Farm Bureau insurance is AMAZING!

I am now picking out paint colors, wood floor samples, tile etc. Here's what they are going to do:

Livingroom - scrap and re do ceilings after replacing 1/2 of the ceiling on the end where the damage is. Paint walls & trim. But,  get this... the living room is open to the entryway... SO, they are doing the ceilings in there too. they are also going to paint... trim too!!! Oh and the stairs' walls are also continuous... so they are getting painted too!

Bathroom - Gut shower, we pay to fix the shower issue, re-do the shower, re-do floors.

Now the even more awesome part is that we have a friend who will be doing all the floor and tile work... So he is going to charge us WAY less so we can do more areas of floor... ie the flooring in the entry and the toilet room in our bathroom. ( its a different type than the living room right now, so insurance isn't going to put that in the paper work)

Ironically, we had all that they are going to be redoing on our punch out list for "one day." I am so thankful for all that God continues to provide for Robbie and me!