Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The New Normal...

Ok, I find that show funny. It is centered-around a lifestyle many may find offensive or disagree with, but I still think its funny. Ok, I was a little upset at first that two gay guys could get pregnant and I still am not sure that is in the cards for me...

No really, I am actually talking about the New Normal for me and my hubs and our fur kids. We have been displaced for 3 months now, are under contract on a house, I've lost a 5th grader in those same 3 months... well do you see where I am going with this. I just want to sleep in MY king sized bed in MY new(old) house.  I want to be able to leave my babies out of their kennels while I run to the gym around the corner... Not feel bad that I have left them all day with my sweet mother in law... so I skip the gym. I can't wait for our NEW NORMAL to set in. As of now it is looking March 15th. But, that looks and feels like so long.

We are really having a hard time realizing this is really happening. It is much like I expect I will be if we ever get pregnant or win the lottery and can afford adoption. I keep thinking I am going to wake up and realized this is all a dream and that I am really 40 and still living with my mother in law (I love her! But, at 3 months I feel like we have worn out our welcome).

So, maybe just maybe we will start our new normal a month from now. But, we would welcome any prayers that we can close a little earlier... So, we can get stuff done during my spring break week. As it stands we will close the Friday during spring break and I will go back to work the following Monday. We have the entire downstairs trim and wood work to paint and 2 ac units and 2 furnaces to replace (the current are almost as old as me...28 years old). If we close the 15th, it will be a week or two before we can move in. :(

Here is a sneak peek of our little foreclosure, I mean new home... I want to paint all the green brown or black! But that will be on down the line :) All new HVAC is pricey y'all!