Monday, August 26, 2013

another one bites the dust... I am sure I have used this title before

Well another cycle has come and gone. The last one started with the news of a niece or nephew... We weren't/ aren't getting all crazy this go round with trying and timing and the psycho stuff that it can turn into... But we also aren't trying not to get pregnant. Although it seems my body might be doing that on its own. So, I was hopeful. We really did synchronize around the right times, but then somehow I got off on a couple of days, so I thought that there might be a chance since I miscounted. No such luck, when I figured out my counting error... Clock work here she comes. So, another one bites the dust.

I really have a strange feeling deep inside that says we are still going to have trouble. I am really honestly trying to stop my negative thoughts about this, but they keep coming back. The thought that I could actually get pregnant is like... well the topic with my class today... A unicorn! Yes, we are studying realism and fantasy this week. You guessed it, we discussed how we would all love to have a unicorn, because they are SO FLUFFY and we LOVE THEM!!! (from Despicable Me) but, that they really are mythical creatures, to which we finally came to consensus that they were in fact a fantasy.  So, too is my thought of being a mother. I am trying to put my faith in it... but something keeps nagging at me saying, you know this isn't supposed to be or going to be a real thing in your life. I am sure that this is just the "darkness" creeping in. I am not all doom and gloom about it or anything, but it does still hang over my head.
Anyway... This is just my quick thought for the night...

Friday, August 16, 2013

End of the summer... back to reality

I am exhausted. The beginning of school is always hard. But this year, we planned our vacay right before I went back to work, our house was ripped up and the living room was non livable, my home state has turned against teachers as a whole, and voted to lower our minimum salary. Which means last year at year 11 I have TOPPED OUT on pay. Yep you heard that right. I am now looking at how much I will never make ever ever again. :(  Oh and then the school system merger... I can't even type about it, it is so depressing. But my saving grace, besides God (Thank You God for all your many blessings) are those sweet little faces I get to see everyday! Sometimes I wish I could just be as free as them, and not know all the woes of the world.

But, anyway

We went on a LOVELY vacation that was truly awesome! We had awesome seats at the Cards game... and we won! Go Cards! We toured the stadium... AMAZING! My dad had a bajillion hilton points so, we got to stay in the Hilton at the ball park with our room over looking the ball park for FREE, plus the hefty parking fee. We toured the Brewery where Robbie just about died and was in heaven! I saw my second love, Blake Shelton. It's ok, Robbie loves him too :) We ran into one of my oldest friends and her family and got to go out to eat with them and get some drinks. Vacay 2013 was just what the Dr. ordered so to speak.  I could go there once a month, St. Louis truly is an awesome city!

We came back to what we knew was going to be NO WORK on our money pit. See we have trusted the WRONG people with our house. The guy we had been dealing with from July 3rd when our leak happened was supposed to rip out the master bath while we were gone... Guess what. He didn't and wouldn't return our calls. Then we got the "owner" involved. Well, he talked a good talk and at least got it started... but then after our check cleared for the deductible... you guessed it, he wouldn't return our calls. So right now, I have gorgeous new hardwood floors that have a few issues at doorways, and a few boards not glued down correctly, a shower that has been ripped out, bathroom floor gone... And crickets are all we hear.

Good news the tile guy who is also getting hosed on this deal seems to be a good guy and is trying to keep us updated if he hears from them and vice versa. So, tomorrow I am supposed to sit here and wait for a plumber who may or may not show since our project manager ( aka "owner") has not returned our phone call. I mean really its BAD BUSINESS people to not return a phone call! Oh and did I mention that "owner" said that the job would be done today... YEAH RIGHT! So, maybe before 2014 I will be able to post pictures of my new living room/entry floors and my master bath. But please don't hold you breath, I value your blogger buddy status too much! :)

Sorry for the long post... I need to work on posting more often :) Happy Weekend!