Saturday, September 15, 2012

Not lost, just crazy busy...

I have been pulled in so many directions lately I can't tell if I am coming or going. So of course blogging has been put on the back burner. So much has happened since my last post.. ( of course that happens when its like a month an a half). So this is my recap post and hopefully I can get back into the swing.

First, off I have the cutest little firsties ever! They are great! I am loving being back in 1st grade. Now I do have to say that being back in 1st hasn't all be roses and rainbows... It is a lot of work to get everything perfect. And we are about to start week 7 and I am still working on this. But, I am up for the challenge because this is my dream job! So, moving to Common Core State Standards is a lot of work. It will pay off in the long run, but its a little overwhelming trying to go straight to them, when our TN state standards don't really mesh very well. We had a district learning day on Friday, which only overwhelmed most of us more. I just wish everyone would have an open mind, which is not the case. But, enough about school... it already consumes my life... no need to consume my blog too lol.

Weight loss surgery update. Aside from the monthly check ins, I have to have a psychological eval, upper gi, cardiac check up, and dietitian visits. I had the psychological eval on Thursday. Let's just say, by the end I wondered if I might be MENTAL. I had no idea what I was in for, but lets just say it was NOTHING like I expected. I talked with the lady for maybe 20 mins and spend another 1 and 25 mins filling out a 567 item true or false bubble test. I laughed at some of the questions, rolled my eyes at others. I realized about half way in that some of those questions for for people who were bi polar, some for multiple personalities, some for abused people, you name it they were there. I just hope and pray they don't grade it and think I have some problems... Because by 357 I wasn't sure if I was answering them the same as I had earlier in the test. Yeah they asked the same question like 5 or 10 times just in different words. But the thought did occur to me, if you were to have some mental disorder... would you answer truthfully... Like to the question, "sometimes I hear voices and can't figure out where they are coming from." I mean wouldn't one of those voices tell you no that is false? or if you had stolen something from your friend because you liked it so much, would you really put true. But anyway, the Dr. said if I didn't hear from her then I was good to go. So, here's to hoping I don't hear from her. :)

House news... well we got our first and only offer so far... It was a whopping $61544. Yep thats right our house is listed for $109900 and that is what they offered. It was a company in AZ. We nicely rejected the offer all together. Both Robbie and I have pretty much decided we are done with the whole process. Other houses in our hood are selling for well above what we are asking, and we are just done. Not sure if it is our agent, our house, or us. But we are thinking of doing some things to it this winter and maybe put it back up in april. But we have to ride the contract we have now out unit Christmas. Its just added stress and disappointment that we really don't need right now or anytime really.

Our baby girl Zoe is growing up so much, and she is definitely the one ruling breezy valley now. Zeke just looks at us like,  you wanted this thing. lol I have been a tad under the weather yesterday and today, and they have been fighting over who is going to stay by my side. It was sweet.  Here is a picture with a growth progression. This from June 21st - August 16th.  She's our big girl :)

 This one is from a week or two ago :)
And she found her bark this past weekend. She has the "manly bark" of two of them. It is just so much fun watching her grow and develop! I am one proud mommy! :)