Tuesday, April 30, 2013

God is SO GOOD!

My little Rock Stars rocked that test today! My student teacher text me to let me know they did a good job, per the teacher who gave my test. I was more worried about them, than I was my tests.

I love the specialist I saw today. He was funny, charismatic, and optimistic! He agreed there were two masses. Of the two he was more worried about the little one. I had an ultra sound and mammogram. And let me add the mammo was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. He did find a cyst under the larger mass that could be causing the fibrous tissue to be inflamed. So, he said after seeing the test results, he is not worried in the least about either. The other might just be a fatty lobe or something like that. He is going to be cautious though and see me back in 3 months and a couple more times leading up to 1 year out. He did say even with mammo and ultrasounds 3% of women can still have cancer, and that is why he wants to monitor me for the next year just to make sure. But lets be honest, that is a pretty tiny percentage.

So, a day of shopping with my mom was my celebration of two huge weights being lifted today. Both sets of test went well! Happy Happy Happy! Thanks for the prayers!

Prayers for a day of tests

Well today is the first day of the SAT 10 testing for my sweet little firsties... I'm so nervous how they will handle absolutely no talking, paying close attention, and stress of taking this test. More stressing is that I won't be there to cheer them on. They will have someone else, that they are not used to being with giving the test... Because I have to go for tests self. Today I have an appointment with a breast specialist at west clinic. A little over a week ago I found a rather large lump and a small lump. After going to my obgyn she referred me to the specialist. I'm nervous to say the least. Please pray this is nothing and that my kiddos don't lose it while I am not there and do well on the first day of testing.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

getting back to normal or so it seems

well we are completely in our new home... working on getting everything put in its place. We tackled painting the shutters before we moved in, bought a new front door and finally painted it to match the shutters.

We were able to get the trim and moldings in the living room painted. But let me tell you... I QUIT after that. Painting poly'd wood is tough! We used Kilz and 3 or 4 coats of paint with primer in it and if you hit it just right it just peels right off :( So, even though we still have the kitchen, entry hall, dining room, mud room, & laundry room left to paint, I am not doing it! Well as of now... :)

Our pool was easier to fix than we expected. It took us about 3 weeks of vacuuming and 25 lbs of shock but it is ready for swimmers. We have realized that the lovely shade trees are going to be our biggest enemy. I see a lot of vacuuming in our future... like everyday. We have replaced the light so now we can go swimming at night ;)

I ordered our new address announcements tonight. We are hoping to have a big rib fest pool party once school is out to show the house off. We were going to have a housewarming type party to have friends and family over to see the place, but really don't want people to get us stuff, so we are going to hold off until I am out of school and we can get our last two room situated. (playroom and dinning room are left... but we just don't use them regularly yet so they are kind of catch all room right now.)

So here are pictures in all of their glory. If you are fb friends, you will see a lot of the same but a few new ones :)

Here are a few before pictures... then progress pictures

 New shutters
 Moving Day
 Moving Crew
 My new sink that you could bath a pony in.
 In the middle of paint trim
 My painting partner... she just wanted to help
 Coat number 3 or was it 4 GAH!
 Easter Sunday - Living room complete just in time for family
 A mirror I just bought cause I loved... fits perfectly above the mantle
 Beginning the pool cleaning... what on earth have we gotten ourselves into?
 Our clearance door... it was a whopping $74 buck! Yep for once in my life I found the deal of a lifetime! Well other than the one we got on our humble abode!
 Once we got the door painted I painted the molding around the door... For some reason it was an off white color and didn't go at all!
 The door makes me so happy! I just love it! I am finally at HOME!
My beautiful house and red tulips! (even though they only lasted about 4 days)
 The pool is cleaned out, water was tested, just need to scrub the sides down
 My Hobby Lobby inspired entry hall. The blue piece was a friend at schools and I painted it to go with the decor. The lamp was my grandparents and I painted it and recovered the shade with chevron fabric. Now all I need is a red vase or something for the blue table.
 Zeke in our new better than eBay chair I am going to reupholster and paint once I find the right fabric.
Zoe conked out in the chair. She is finally feeling at home too!