Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks

This Thanksgiving, I am THANKFUL for all that God has given me! Highs, lows and all! I am thankful that my God has great things in store for our family. I am thankful for my family and friends, as they encourage me and love me no matter what. I am thankful for the blogging community, without it, I might have gone crazy already. And at the end of each day, I have so many more blessings than I can even document. :) Thank you Lord for all you have given me!


Monday, November 21, 2011

Over due...

with a post, that is.

I have been crazy busy with life lately. I have really tried to sit down and post, but just had time to catch up on everyone else's posts. Sinus infections, strep throat bouncing around in my classroom and me, my best friend having her twins 5 weeks early and having to leave them at the hospital (both are finally home safe and sound as of Friday PRAISE GOD!), and so on and so forth...

This past weekend we got our pictures taken for the adoption profile... We had a lot of fun. The only problem was that her camera in all its glory doesn't have a thinning feature lol.

I sent our photographer information about us, why we were taking the pictures, and a sample adoption profile I found on an awesome site ( but too expensive for us). She was so great trying to make sure she captured us naturally, our likes, and not too posed. I was super surprised when she posted on my fb tonight that she was almost done with the editing... Super fast turn around time.

Now I have to warn you, if you have ever seen Mike and Molly on CBS on Monday nights, don't get us confused with them... We favor pretty heavily... All except we don't live with our parents and Robbie isn't a cop. lol Here are a few of pics from the sneak peek. Once I get the disc I will be able to up load a few more for your viewing pleasure. :)

My favorite of the sneak peek!

Us being silly... outside our favorite triple A baseball stadium

My second Favorite pic

We have so much fun together!
Not that this is my fav... but it does capture us!

Friday, November 4, 2011

The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear!!!

Click on the image above to join in a blogger Christmas ornament exchange. Actually you don't have to be a blogger. The you can forward the link to anyone. I am excited to see what kind of ornament I get and can't wait to go shopping for my ornament to exchange!
Would you like to participate too?!
Click above and fill out the form by November 14th. That is the last day they are accepting entries for the Christmas Ornament Exchange. You will recieve your partners information on Wednesday, November 16th and by Wednesday, November 30th all packages should be mailed. There is a $10 limit. It's that easy!!

The following lovely ladies are hosting this Christmas fun!
And, you can visit the hostesses here:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just put it on my tab...

Have any of you seen that move Dan in Real Life? It seems as though all crazy negative things happen to him after his wife passes away. Then he falls in love with a girl that just so happens to be his brother's girlfriend... The movie is really pretty funny. I love Steve Carell. Well, it this past week has been like that. Like I had messes up the balance of life or something. My computer semi-crashed, the adoption thing fell through, our for sale sign broke, you name it it went south fast and furious. But, things are looking up.

I am going to take the attitude of just keep putting it on my tab cause I am not going to let it keep me down! I have a sweet lady from the church I grew up in is going to call me tomorrow night to talk about adopting from an agency that is run by our church denomination her in town. She actually adopted both of her sons from this agency and is willing to talk to me about it. So, that is great!

I am also weighing the option of gastric bypass... in the thought that we might be able to have our own little one one day. School is getting better, not quite as stressed out. My friend is having her baby girl tomorrow morning. I am excited about that. Can't wait to meet little Aubree Mae. I have made her the cutest sign for her hospital door. I will post a pic later after I get it to her.

So, heres to a better week than the last! :)