Friday, May 18, 2012


I would like to start this post with the  bad & ugly...  Then I will get to the good. :)
The cable/ internet people have already messed up and I don't even have internet yet. Well, apparently the nice man I talked to over a week and 1/2 ago was new or just a bad employee. I still have no stuff to hook up, in fact after calling today, guess what.... HE DIDN'T PUT IN THE ORDER!!! Come to find out, someone will have to come out and install because we don't have a signal coming to the house. But, the nice man I talked to today was having to cancel the other account that other guy set up before he could get it started correctly. Of course my break was over and I had to get back to class... and this helpful guy was supposed to call me back.... Good thing I didn't hold my breath. Still no call back and I am just beginning to think we will never have internet again!!!

Now on to the good. I have taken charge of the weight issues I have always had. I have started my monthly weight loss attempts and all of my doctors are supportive and ready to get me to the surgery. SO, by Christmas I might be well on my way (have had the sleeve type of gastric bypass surgery) to a healthier self. I am really motivated and excited where this journey has now taken me.

So, as much as I thought I would have internet and be able to get caught up and such, that is now on the back burner again until someone with a brain gets in touch with me and sets up an appointment.... Heck at this rate I might have my surgery before I get internet. haha Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh my ... incompetent people ... what a HUGE stressor to your life! It would be nice if sometimes people do what they say they're going to do (or give you a call if they can't). Maybe that's why I'm always trying to go the extra mile to make my promises happen. And yes, I'm considering the guy saying you'll get internet a promise. :-)
    I'm excited for you on the weight loss surgery! Is the surgery around Christmas? Did I read that right? I'd love to read more about it and your thoughts, etc ... whenever you get internet back. :-)

  2. I hate dealing with cable/phone/internet providers. Always stressful! Proud of you and I know you are going to kick some weight loss butt:)

  3. Wow, you are going to do surgery? Talk to Jenny Hauser. She had lots of success and what do you know, is now preggers:) I hope the same happens for you!