Tuesday, November 13, 2012

slow and steady... then sprinting to the finish

Well I am 5 days post surgery... I have moments of great energy, and even longer moments of exhaustion. I currently have 22 stapled in 5 different incisions. Thanks to pureed chicken noodle soup, mashed potatoes, and cream of wheat I have stayed full.

This is not nearly as bad as I expected it might be. The hardest part of all of it is waiting for my Hubs to help me out of bed and keeping Zoe from jumping on me. As long as I take the pain meds every 6 hours I am good. Today, I ventured out to the grocery store. This might have not been the best idea. I have found that I am good to go in the morning, but around 3 to about 5 everyday I am hurting and have zero energy. But, I needed to branch out and get some more things to eat and I was 1 pill away from being out of the anti vomit meds ( and since I now know that I am very sensitive to pain meds I NEED that medicine BIG TIME). Well I had hear from someone that the baby food company had something like apple sauce but it is made with lots of different fruits and veggies. So I picked some of those up, I am super excited about apple cinnamon  and sweet potatoes ( did I really just say that?!?!?). I also ventured out to the toddler meals because I need more protein and easy meals. So, I had one tonight and believe it or not that thing was tasty! I think this is going to be ok after all!

I have my post op appointment on Monday the 19th. I will get these terribly uncomfortable staples out. Praise Jesus! Oh and I've already dropped 20 lbs since the two weeks pre surgery until today. Woo Hoo!

On the house front... Well, I am not allowed to lift anything that takes 2 hands, for 3 weeks and in three weeks we will be living with my mother in law, so I guess I got out of the whole move thing hahaha. No really, we were supposed to close on Nov. 30th and they want to move it up to the 28th. We have set up for a new larger storage unit. We also have all of Robbie's rowdy friends (haha is that a Hank song?) lined up for the saturday after Thanksgiving to move all of our stuff. Its so weird to think this time next month we will be "homeless." But, God is in control, and all of these changes are for the good. So I am not going to wig out... well maybe a little next week.


  1. I have been thinking of you and wondering how things are going. Take it easy, girl! I know, I know ... It is hard to change your mindset and let others help. I'm independent as well. BUT ... You got out of moving!!! Hooray!!! (I would hire movers the next time myself! Lol). You have great friends!
    And COnGrATS on the 20 lbs! Wow! It is melting off! I hope you get the staples out ok and continue to feel great!

  2. I have been thinking of you! Sounds like things are going good! Getting out of having to move things (yeah), but letting go control of the process(boo). Congrats on the weight loss so far!