Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Catch me if you can...

Thats what I feel like my Blog is saying. If I had a dollar for everytime I sat down to write a post, but got side tracked... I would have about 20 bucks tops. lol I have been so busy that the blog has been on the back burner. Most times I would check on  and read the blogs I follow, posting a few comments here or there... but never enough time to actually write a post.

At this point there are so many things I need to say, but can't possibly remember them all or get caught up right?!?!

Summer has started with a bang! I am LOVIN' being a pool owner! This skin is getting sunkissed after 2 year in the dark! Literally, I didn't get in the sun for two year. Robbie joked that I must really be a russian, I am guessing they must be very pale. Anyway, still hard to believe this is our house and our lives are going so well. But, I am going to take both of those and thank God for them every minute of the day and night!

I have been a busy little beaver though, between laying out and swimming I have made a few things. You know I love being crafty. I'll share a few pics.

Super cheap HUGE frame I got and painted and added burlap, chicken wire for a cute memo board for my kitchen :)

 Painting the Kitchen wood work.. pain but looks great now that it is FINALLY done :)

 House Warming for a friend

Guest Bedroom twin beds

 Cute Hospital Door Sign for a friend and her baby boy
 Cute diaper cake and sign for my best childhood friend who is going to be a daddy in August or September. 

I am currently working on a chair and a few other things I have picked up. I think I must have been Samford from Samford and Sons in a different life. LOL my garage looks like I have been dumpster diving for trash to turn into treasures :)

Two more posts to come in the next two days, 5 Years of Married Bliss & My Fur Babies Gotcha Days


  1. Glad to hear things are going so well!!

  2. You are Martha Stewart to me!!! I just love all the crafts you do! I'll have to remind myself to look you up on pinterest. :-D Maybe a craft blog? Oh wait ... that's Facebook. :D Keep it up! I get so many ideas from you!