Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired

Well, where do I begin??? Back in December I had the feeling I was getting a sinus infection... BOY WAS I RIGHT! Now, almost 2 months later I had endoscopic sinus surgery done this past Wednesday. From all of this I have come to realize I could never be one of those people who are chronically sick... I mean I have hated being out of work, not being able to go out with friends, and being confined to the bed has not been a high point at all!!!
Anyway, I am currently the luckiest girl in the world! My mom, hubby, and sweet pup Zeke have been taking good care of me since the surgery. At first I wasn't sure who was more worried about me, Robbie or Zeke. Mom and Robbie wouldn't let Zeke in the room with me the first night and he guarded the bedroom door trying to get in every time they would come check on me. Day 2 was Zeke's favorite because he got to sleep next to me and check in on me anytime he wanted. Day 3 was not the best day, I ventured out into the brave new world of trying to eat something. I never have had trouble with eating anything really... you can tell that by looking at me, but now soup even scares me. Soup... soup shouldn't scare anyone. I literally spent an hour trying to eat a bowl of soup without getting sick. Day 4 has been more of the same. I did have 2 visitors. Sara brought me some ice cream and we talked and talked and talked... Then Lizz came by and brought Popsicles galore and a frosty! I have identified that about an hour to 45 minutes before my next dose of medicine I start feeling sick again.

So, on that note it is time for medicine and I think I will be heading back to rest now... hopefully this will run its course and I will be back in action soon... keep your fingers crossed!

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