Thursday, April 8, 2010

When you think it can't get worse....

well, this blog is taking a different road than I had originally planned. I had originally started this hoping that after my 3 months of sinus HELL that I would be happy and telling all about our crazy adventure we call life. Then life happened and I just haven't been blogging. I had an my annual appointment in March and asked my doctor about fertility... we decided to start trying in June 09 and still hadn't had any luck. Till that point I thought you know maybe God knew that my sinus problems would have been way worse pregnant... So that was why we hadn't had any luck. My doctor agreed that she saw some signs that there might be some problems. I had a bunch of blood work, and I do mean A LOT.... like 7 viles to be exact. A week later I am diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and am insulin resistant. I am told to get on South Beach diet ( SUPER HARD), start taking a Metformin (a type 2 diabetes med), and told to loose weight.

I start having some symptoms that are not normal for me... I think could my prayers have been answered. I know that the timing wasn't ideal but, maybe I am pregnant. Only to start a week early. I am told the Metformin can cause some changes, um yeah! Doc said to call the first day of my next cycle so we can set up an HSG test. Well I did as told and today get a call from the hospital saying that my insurance wont cover the test. Why you might ask??? Well my doctor "diagnosed" me with infertility. Insurance will pay for all tests until a diagnoses is given. My question is how do they know that I am infertile if they haven't tested me???? Well I guess your guess is as good as mine because I can' t afford the $1800 + it cost to find out if there are problems.

So here am back as square one, not pregnant, tired, stressed, sad, and no hope of knowing if there is anything wrong with me or not. As the nurse said, I will just have to wait and see if the Metformin regulates me. And if not... I guess I will be the mother to my students and my dog. Hopefully this funk will lift... VERY SOON!


  1. I am so sorry your insurance didn't pay for the test :( We have to find a way to "reword" your need for it so you can get your road work cleared and ready for take off!

  2. Hey Morgan! I was just at Shannon's yesterday and we got to talking about you. She told me she thought you had PCOS but didn't know if you were IR.

    Well, I am both:) And I'm chuckling b/c we have the same blog name! Funny:)

    Listen, I have too much to ask you or tell you on a blog so maybe we can chat sometime.

    The metformin is killer but it is worth it if you can do it. I know school is about to be out soon so perhaps ask the doc to raise the rx as high as you can stand it (say 1500) and lay on the couch all summer. It will knock you on your butt in more ways than one! But we conceived Maggie with the Met despite some unfavorable odds with Che as well.

    Shannon said she thought you were charting too and using OPK's. I have a website where they are super cheap, just like the dr.'s office. About a dollar each.

    I have had PCOS since 2000 and after I got married in 2004, we knew we'd have trouble and tried for almost 2 years before having Maggie. And we've been at it again since Maggie was about 15 months old or so and she's over 3 know.

    Having the IR sucks but can also be the saving point in that you can use the Metformin. I would try to get Robbie's semen analyzed if you can. You'd hate to go your whole life thinking it was your "fault" for not conceiving when maybe it wasn't. There's lots he can do if his quanitity or quality is poor too! Doctors (even the fertility ones) are only wanting to do the bare minimum and disregard a lot of other methods that are cheaper and more healthy.

    And as for your diagnosis of Infertility, that should be fought with your insurance co. You have PCOS and are IR. Whether you want kids or not is irrelevant. You are probably not having regular, ovulatory cycles and that is worth the HSG on its own. I would really protest that and object if you can. Depends on the company and your doctor.

    Okay, I said I had a lot to say:) And I know you've been TTC a while but didn't want to insult your intelligence or forget anything either. My blog isn't specifically TTC but I have several TTC friends on my blog lines. More Like Mary and I share a lot of the same TTC blog friends:) Allie too:)

    PCOS is horrible. But in the scheme of fertility ailments, I think we have a manageable one that has a lot of avenues of treatment that some other IF'ers don't. Take heart, read all you can, keep on the low sugar/carb diet and try to stay on the met. You have lots of support!