Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Well the results are in...

Well the good news is that I have lots of eggs and they are in great quality. The problem is that I am still not ovulating regularly on my own and Dr. K doesn't want to start clomid til I lose 10 more lbs. That was a super let down. I did so good.. I lost 7 of the the 13 that he wanted me to lose... Thats right when I got on the scale at the Dr. I had lost 7 on their scale... Which means I really had lost probably 10 really, my scale is just off from theirs(sorry for that seriously long run on sentence).

Woo Hoo to weight lose! Boo to having to lose 10 more before our ttc journey goes any further!

Unfortunately, that was not the only surprise of the visit. It seems that the little swimmers count is low... which means doing it the old fashioned way could take years or not happen at all. Dr. K wants us to go the route of IUI since it is cheaper than IVF. It is really not as expensive as I thought it would be. But, it is a lot of money to spend and not get pregnant. I just don't know. I guess losing 10 lbs is a good thing cause it gives us time to decide and figure out which bank to rob... LOL the bank part IS A JOKE!

So now I am just waiting for 6 more days to see if I start on my own or start provera and start losing more weight.


  1. that stinks about the extra weight he wants you to lose but awesome that your eggs are plentiful:)

    does robbie take vitamins? i'm sure you can find them online but there are "special" formula vitamins for men ttc. lots of things boost sperm count/motility. che had both low count and very poor motility. it stunk b/c I knew all the years before that I had the trouble, never thinking che would have an issue too.

  2. Nope. He hasn't started taking anything yet. I am still working on getting him to tackle one of the drinking, losing weight, and dipping issues. I am actually kind of discouraged by his lack of wanting to change. I mean I guess he probably has internalized it and wants to stop something, but I am not seeing ANYTHING on his end. So mabye baby might not be in our vocabulary. :(