Sunday, July 25, 2010

God Is giving me the signs I need

Today we made it back to church. It has been a while and it was great! Our series right now is on using animated films to learn lessons that God wants us to learn. Today's message was on our identity determining our destiny and being the real "Morgan" not what everyone tells you you are or aren't. The movie was Meet the Robinsons. Great movie by the way, but the the part that I saw in a different light today was that the main character was living in an orphanage and counted every interview he had. That made me think, God, are you trying to tell me I need to adopt? I have always wanted to adopt after I had my own children but, now it seems that I might have no other choice. I am truly trying to be the me God wants me to be, I just really think he wants me to be a mom too.

After the service my mom completed the right (rite) not sure which one of immersion. Basically, being re-baptized on her own terms this time. It was great to see her do this. We left church and I talked to Robbie about God's signs and such. Another couple at our church who already have children from previous marriages are trying and having trouble also. They each have told us they know it will happen in God's time because he gave them the name of the child. I want to believe that God will give me a sign too... although I have already picked out our names because I am an obsessive compulsive when it comes to anything that has to do will becoming pregnant. So, I told Robbie that I am looking everywhere for the signs as to what God wants our route to be from this point on in our journey to have our own little miracle or miracles if he so wishes us to. We met Robbie's mom for lunch and a run to wally world. When we got back to her house to unload all the stuff she bought, she told me that she was going to give us the money to go through with the iui once I lose the 10 more lbs I have to lose. I told her thank you but that we had already borrowed enough from her at different points for different things. And she completely surprised me by her answer. She told me she wasn't loaning us the money she was giving it to us. She was able to do so and wanted to do it. I am still a little in shock. We would not have been able to save up the money for all the meds, procedures, and such for months. It was seriously going to be next spring maybe summer by the time we had it saved up and she is just willing to give it all to us now to help us.

***Side bar, I was at Linda's house(MIL) earlier this week and was telling her about the news from Dr. K and she didn't even mention that she wanted to help us. Between the time that I was there and today she received a check in the mail for her first time home buyers tax credit. ***

My sweet friend Ellen told me not long after the follow up with Dr. K that God would provide and make this happen if he wanted it to happen. I am just in amazement. I prayed specifically for Him to show me what he wanted me to do, he has. I am do inspired to lose the 10 lbs quickly so that we can start this new adventure.

Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11:1


  1. That is wonderful you are open to adoption. And great your MIL is offering the help. Take it and don't look back:)

  2. God bless Linda, so unselfish. So you are going through with it? When?

  3. Allison Dr. Ke wants me to lose another 10 lbs so I am going to do that before we start the process. I am thinking that it will be close to Christmas before we actually get to do it since my cycles are so long. And I kind of want to try just plain clomid the first cycle to see if it will even make me ovulate you know. So, I am going to start working my butt off (figuratively and literally) next monday. I want to kind of not worry about what I am eating til then since this is the last few days of my summer :)

    Linda is so selfless! I have truly been blessed with a wonderful mother in law for sure!!!