Tuesday, September 28, 2010

maybe baby... More like NOT

I guess it has become very clear, iui is our only answer. I am putting myself through the wringer taking clomid. I have been cracked out for the last week, completely a basket case. One minute I am raging and irritable as all get out, the next I am bawling at the stupid stuff, oh and don't forget the hot flashes! Well lets just say its all for NOTHING!!!! I get a positive opk so its go time, I have to babysit and dh has a freaking softball game. But, of course we are not supposed to do the deed till the next morning so alls well. DH has wanted morning baby dancing for ever, so what do we switch to??? Mornings. Well, apparently he's too tired. So, I am left wide awake at 4 am knowing deep down we have missed our window and I am going to have do this again next cycle. I am really beginning to think that I am not going to ever get pregnant.


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