Monday, September 13, 2010

the stars must be aligned!!!

For the first time since march, I OVULATED on my own!!!! I am super excited because that means my body is trying to get back to normal! On top of that I had a "normal length" cycle too! So unlike most CD1... I am ecstatic!!!! That means we are right on schedule for iui in October!

Dr. K told me to relax after our last appointment and lose 10 lbs. I still have a little left to lose, but I will have it gone by October 1st. Anyway I apparently was finally able to relax because I completely forgot to go get blood work done mid August. So I called today and talked to the nurse. Well, she said no problem I could come this week. So, I just went for it and asked since I ovulated on my own and only have a little more to lose could I go on and try clomid this month. She said YES!!!! So Wednesday I start clomid, and will see if it helps me or not. I really feel good about this. Even if we don't get preggo this cycle, everything is going in the right direction!!! I am so happy!

Maybe this time next year I will be posting pictures of our little bundle(s if the clomid really gets my eggies going) of joy...

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