Monday, November 22, 2010

I just can sit out of the game for long...

Well. I started on my own no doubt! No provera woo hoo! But that made me really start thinking about the whole waiting til Jan. thing. I was really torn on wether to wait or not. I mean who am I kidding its the holidays, I will not be dropping a lot of weight.... SO, I yelled Put me in coach today. I am CD 3 starting clomid tonight. Have an appointment tomorrow to learn how to inject myself and start injectables on wed. I have a base line ultrasound and blood work on Monday the 29th at 7:45. So we shall see how the injectables work. I am praying they work and we have a little christmas miracle this year!


  1. oh i am soooo excited for you! you know the month i got pregnant with Ainslee was a month I started by myself too!

    AND you will have lots to keep your mind busy during the hoidays, which will help too. ooooohhhhh I cant wait for more news!

  2. What injectibles are you going to be doing? That's great news about your follicles being bigger this time. Maybe you won't even need the iui!?