Monday, April 16, 2012

Things that make me nauseous

Well, I wish I was posting that pregnancy did. 
You know you suffer from IF when you would gladly take nausea 24 7 
if it meant you were preggers lol

Dave Letterman has inspired me tonight, since I am suffering from nausea even as I type. I just e-filed our taxes

No really, here is my Top 10 list for right now (could/does change daily):

10. broken bones - it makes me so queasy to see broken bones and I felt pretty sick when I broke my foot

 9. kids or adults getting sick - I am just not the kind who can stomach watching, helping, seeing, smelling it... I am usually right behind them doing it too

8. people talking about inappropriate subjects at meals - people I don't want nor need to hear about your ailments at lunch

7. waking up late and being in a hurry - I guess maybe its the rush from jumping out of bed and running around like a chicken with my head cut off... but I usually feel like I could ralph until I am settled where I am supposed to be even though I am late.

6. pets that are mistreated - the ASPCA (sp?) commercials kill me, I cry every time, but the people who are able to abuse them just make me sick. Every time I look at my sweet Zeke I just cant imagine doing anything to hurt him.

5. teacher evaluations - ENOUGH SAID

4. speaking in front of HUGE crowds - Recently our school granted a Make a Wish wish for the sweet girl with a blood disorder. I had to do a "cake decorating" demo in front of our entire school students, faculty, and staff... I am great in front of a class, a few classes, even the faculty but the gym bleachers full and standing room only I honestly thought I might need to run to the bathroom. 

3. people who don't pay attention to their kids because they want to have fun, be cool, or are just bothered by them - If you are not ready to have children or wish you didn't have them... Let me adopt them don't leave them alone or let them play in/wander the streets. I get it that some people are just not grown up yet, but come on don't act like they are imposing on your time. Set some boundaries... rules are a great start. I guess because I want children so desperately I am just more sensitive, but there are people in walmart, at the park, at schools, and in the neighborhood that just don't get it. Kids no matter how young or old need structure. When people don't provide that structure and loving environment it makes me sick to my stomach.

2. people who don't try to get pregnant but do and then tell everyone it was an accident - If you have said this I am sorry, but no child is an accident. God had/has a reason he wanted you to be that child's parent... Obviously if you were having sex... you knew that was a possibility. Just hearing someone say those words,  I get that pit in my stomach and then the nausea 

1. TAXES - Last but not least tonight... My husband's w4 was not filled out correctly when we got married and now we are reaping the great fortune of having to pay taxes... ALOT to me and yes that just means we got more during the year, but when you don't know how much it will end up being you have no way of knowing what to save. So Uncle Sam, I will be paying in installments... that is if you allow that... So the waiting on the confirmation begins. And the new corrected w4 will be mailed to his employer ASAP. So maybe just maybe we might get some money back next year.

If you made it this far, I am sorry it this is kind of rant-y...These things really do make me feel sick to my stomach and have all happened in my presence on more than one occasion in recent times. 
OK maybe not #10 - it has been a while in real life, 
but it did happen on a show I like to watch RHOC... Poor Eddie and his pinkie. 

Just another Manic Monday, oh a whoa wish it was Sunday.... :)


  1. You stole my list.. but can you add, ignorant parents who do not buckle their kids or use car seats while driving.

  2. I agree with your entire list!!!!! Except #5 Teacher Evals, bc I'm not a teacher. Lol
    I hear ya on taxes too. We sent Uncle Sam a pretty penny this year as well. Ugh!!!!