Saturday, December 22, 2012

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

I love the holidays. I like decorating the tree and house. I love baking and cooking for family meals. I am obsessive when it comes to wrapping presents (so much that I have often thought of offering my services to those who loath wrapping presents). I love opening presents too. Having family close is so much fun and important to me.

This year however, Christmas seems to be coming fast and furious like the selling of my house and my surgery. I am displaced and don't even have my own tree up this year. We got to decorate my parents' tree as usual, but not being in our own space, I haven't been able to bake or decorate.  Below is my family tree. It takes FOREVER to decorate. But we get together to celebrate my sister's birthday and decorate the tree every year.

Since we are not in our own home this year, we are really trying to not go "crazy" with gifts. I sure hope everyone sticks with our plan of giftcards this year. We literally have no space for anything. Robbie and I have gifted each other with shoes this year (and unfortunately those take up space... Hopefully we will find a house soon!)

As I have said in the past few months, we have so many things to be thankful this Christmas. After the tragedy on Dec. 14th, I am not sure how I could ever think of my issues and/or problems as terrible. This Christmas I am going to not take a second for granted. I am going to continue my prayers for all those involved in that tragedy. I cannot imagine. It really hit me very close to home. I couldn't hug my 18 firsties enough the last two days of school before Christmas break after that happened. 

So I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Prayers for safe travels if you will be traveling. I will leave you with our Christmas Card this year. 


  1. The tree is BEAUTIFUL!!! Wow!!! Merry Christmas!!!

  2. That is a beautiful tree! I hope you had a great Christmas and a great 2013!!

    If you get a chance, could you email me at catholicmutt(at)gmail(dot)com about the Bible study? I'm going to be sending out an email soon to anyone that said they were interested. Thanks!