Saturday, March 9, 2013

This is really happening...

Well, life in the blogging world has not been as easy since we sold our house back in November. Life has been chaotic and up in the air. Lots going on and just trying to get used to life being different...
Well, that should all change this week! We close on our house Monday at 10 am. Yeah... Its really happening, I am still trying to pinch myself to make sure I am not dreaming. We have A LOT to do but I am so excited to finally be moving in and on. :)

Which brings me to my Andaddy, again. Today, I spent lunch time with him and my Mimi. This past week he was rushed to the hospital again. This time when they released him, they said there was nothing else they could do. He started hospice on Tuesday, and I am not going to sugarcoat it, he didn't look so great today. He has been carrying pneumonia in one of his lungs since Christmas when they rushed him to the hospital. So, he has a horrible cough that he can't seem to clear. He has been put on a medicine to help him sleep that made him very drowsy today. In addition, he suffered a minor stroke during his 24 + hour ER visit before he was moved to a room and can't swallow solid foods. Which makes him just not really want to eat or drink anything. He has lost so much weight. I know enough from past experiences with loved ones and friend's loved ones that this road he is on is drawing near here on Earth. Thank God he will continue his life in Heaven. But it is still hard at times to realize this. He was so happy to see my sister and I today. He talked, very raspy, but congratulated me on our house (he and my Mimi gave us some money to put towards our house, and I really was hoping that he would be able to come and see it... Now, I will just have to show him pictures) and was happy that he and Mimi were able to help us.

I would really appreciate prayers during the next week with the house and for my Andaddy.

Oh and by the way... IT'S FINALLY SPRING BREAK!


  1. Congrats on closing on your house!!!!! I can't wait to see inside! It is so exciting!!! :-)
    I will pray for your Andaddy. It is so hard to watch your loved ones suffer. I'm glad you can be there to visit and lift his spirits!

  2. Congrats on your house!! And enjoy Spring Break. I miss those. Now they're just weeks where the mountains are busier than normal and would everyone please just go back home already?! (No, they haven't asked me to be on the tourism committee yet, why do you ask?)

    I am definitely praying for you, your Andaddy, and your family!