Monday, May 24, 2010

HALLELUJAH!!!! Finally someone who cares in the medical profession!!!

So today was my RE appointment with Dr. Ke... It was fabulous minus the torrential down pour with no umbrella and/or close parking. Dr. Ke was wonderful! I really like his demeanor. He was very positive and really gave me a sense that he cared about helping me, unlike my obgyn who kind of pawned me off on nurses who relayed false info. He said that my insulin was not "sky high" as the nurse had told me. He said it was actually normal for someone my weight. Ah yes the weight issue. That is the actually issue. He said my weight was not normal. But instead of saying your fat, he said, "I want to refer you to a nutritionist to help you with the right diet and exercise for you." He also ran a battery of blood test to check everything out, made me an appointment for an ultra sound (wed.) to check out what everything looks like and to make sure there isn't a little bean in there after all, and got the ball rolling for a SA for Robbie to make sure there isn't a male factor of that nasty little word "infertility"

I left felling like I could rise above all the negativity my obgyn left me with. I had answers to my questions, and he said all I want you to do is loose 13 lbs right now. No more temping, charting, stressing, just loose 13 lbs and then we will go from there. I can totally do that! Zumba here I come!!! I am super stoked about the nutritionist appointment. He said he is pretty sure insurance will pay for it and I can get back to my normal self... well except pregnant :)

In other news, today was officially the last day of school WOO HOO!!!!! I am ready to relax and have fun this summer!


  1. So glad to hear that your appointment went well. :) I had to do the same thing (but more than 13 lbs! ;p) before we got pregnant...even down to seeing the nutritionist and all of that. It ended up costing us more financially than I had hoped but it is all worth it in the long run.

    Best of luck to you, M...13 lbs. should be a breeze to lose, especially this time of year. Can't wait to hear your success story!

  2. girl I can't wait to see pics of little p :) You look so cute preggo!!!