Friday, May 28, 2010

Ultra sound adventure

This will be short but I had an ultrasound on Wednesday to check everything thing out. No no no there is no bun in my oven yet, but Dr. Ke wanted to check it all out. That was something I don't think you can prepare yourself for. I mean I guess once you are preggo your body is an open book anyway so I might as well get used to it because he did tell me he will get me pregnant, it just might take a while ( and I was thinking money). Anyway my ultra sound lady was so nice and talked to me about so many things it pretty much kept my mind off of the baseball in my stuff. Sorry TMI. It was neat to see my ovaries on the screen. I like most PCOSers have 20 to 25 follicles instead of the normal 7 to 12. But she did try to comfort me to let me know that some come in with like 50. I was like ok, I want 7 to 12 lol. I left with questions that I am guessing are for the doctor once he reads my ultrasounds. My lining was 8.4 mm and she said that most people right before the wicked witch shows are 13.something mm. So, my question is is 8.4 enough to be able to implant an egg? I googled it but, everything was vague. I have been having some really bad bouts of nausea and dizziness... but no BFP yet. Oh well over and out for the weekend! Hope everyone has a Happy & Safe Memorial Day!

If you have any info on the lining thing... please offer some ideas. I am just thinking how will we get it thicker if it has already been 56 days and only 8.4 mm......


  1. i cant believe you see dr ke too! I have been a patient of his for like 5 years. I LOVE HIM! and he is right......he WILL get you pregnant!

    I just found your blog tonight so i havent read too much about your journey. but im going to start keeping up with it!

    i wanted to say good luck with everything, and if you ever want to talk about IF or dr ke or treatment or whatever give me a shout either on here or on FB, you can call me too. you can check out my blog but you wont find anything IF related, I have kept that part of my life sorta private, not many people know the struggles we went through.

    oh and try not to worry about your "numbers" I know that sounds so ridiculous to you right now, but I promise you that everyone is different (therefore their #'s are different) and the sooner that you relax and let things happen the sooner you will get pregnant. I was a crazy lunatic and the second I stopped to smell the roses we got pregnant with numbers that showed we shouldnt even have been pregnant. cant wait to read all you have to write

  2. Girl it has been a long time!!! Yeah I don't advertise the blog other than having the link.. I have found that most people don't see it unless they too blog. A friend who has had some fertility issues told me I should blog because 1 it helps get out the weight and burden on yourself and 2 cause there are so many out there who are going through the same things too. I have to say it will be 1 year next friday since we started trying and I haven't felt like any doctor understood me until last monday when I went in and met dr. ke for the first time! I would love to hear more about your journey sometime!!! I have really only heard success stories with him as the doctor so hopefully we will be one in the future too!