Monday, January 10, 2011


If you have ever heard that teachers are worse then kids when it comes to snow days.... it is SO TRUE!!! I have been trying to keep myself in check about the snow. I really didn't think it was going to really happen. Well it has! Man oh man! The buzz on Facebook started around 5 or so this afternoon. Well we finally started seeing the white stuff around 6pm.

Zeke watched and watched until he finally saw some snow. This where he ended up so he could see out the window.

Not that he really knows what it is, but he did sit at the window watching it like he knew what was going on.
When we let him out to go to the bathroom, he rooted around in the snow, nose it in the air, and run around. He is just like a little kid too, he would come in and with in about 5 minutes he was ready to go back out. It is hilarious.

This morning we got up so the 2 kiddos, one dog and one adult. Robbie was just as excited to get up and see the snow as Zeke. He said that he woke up every hour. I on the other hand slept like a rock. But, we were up at 9 am ready to go play in the snow.

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