Sunday, February 19, 2012


The past two weeks have been terribly stressful and tiring. I haven't been to work out and have been sick. Eating healthy has fallen by the way side. Last Sunday we missed church and my mom made the comment at family dinner that night, that it was because I need to make it to church. She is always on our case about something (just being a mom, not being mean or anything)... this week church was it. I hated that we missed, but it happens. I am sure that God isn't letting bad things happen because I miss...

But back to my topic, we went to church this morning, and it was just want I needed. (like always) The title of today's message was "Heal the Wounded" with scripture from Mark 1:29 - 45. This whole message series has been about the church body being the place to get Jesus, and share him with others. I absolutely love our pastor and could listen to him for hours. The heart of every messages that Jesus and God have for us is LOVE. Today, Steve spoke about how Grace is love lived out actively, specifically, intensely and delivered personally that heals the wounded. He also pointed out that we are all wounded in some way (which we all know... IF weighed heavy during this celebration). But that if we come to church, that church is the "medicine" that will heal us. We experience grace in many ways, but that Jesus is the focus with the church family during celebrations so, we can experience his grace every Sunday as a group. This time is the time we can all have Jesus heal our wounds and we can help each other in the healing process. Now I know we all know this, but I think our wounds sometimes make us doubt that healing. He did make the point that when we truly feel our wounds, is the time when we are truly ready to face them and start the healing process. We then were invited to be anointed with oil to commit to start healing our wounds.

I was over come with emotion. I know God was telling me it was time. No more ignoring my yearning for our baby. No more excuses on why I can't lose the weight. I am ready to face them head on and let Jesus and my church family help me heal these wounds!!! I have excuses to cover up the fears I have. I have let it all go, but then hidden behind other things/ reasons. I am done. FOR REAL!!! Unfortunately, my emotions were big enough I was semi sobbing, poor Robbie never knows what to do when that happens.

But, this has really got me thinking about what I plan on doing for Lent. In the past I have given up things, last year I didn't focus on myself, and beefed up my prayer. I prayed specifically for friends who were wanting to have babies and/or pregnant (my prayers were answered the people I prayed for daily have their babies to snuggle with this year). This year, I think I want to give up eating fast food. I have done this in the past and it is hard for me. McDonald's coke is an addiction I have, so giving this up would be a form of fasting. But, I also like to add something beneficial to my life, like the specific prayer last year. I think I want to write a letter to 40 different people to tell them what they mean to me. A friend did this in Dec. and I was the first person she wrote a letter to. It not only made my day, it really was heart felt, and I think sometimes in this busy world we forget to tell people how we really feel about them, and the difference they make in our lives.

This video was shown in clips today at church (started my crying in the beginning of the celebration... and once I start... There isn't really an end, hence the sobbing by the end) it really is a good video.


  1. Wow ... tears are right!!! I would have sobbed in church too! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the video! Thank you SO much for sharing!
    I don't know if its just my computer, but I only saw about 1/2 the screen ... the rest wouldn't show up and I couldn't make it full screen or anything, but I loved it anyway!
    I'm so, so sorry that your last week has been so stressful and you've been hurting, both physically and emotionally. Its so hard sometimes to carry on and enact the change. I'm struggling with eating right too. Its too easy and I'm too lazy to change, which isn't the answer. Don't give up! This is a small bump on your journey. I hope you feel better and I hope that God heals your wounds. You've been in my thoughts and prayers.

    1. good grief! I didn't even look at it after I posted... I must have made it too big. I will have to fix it :) Thanks for the prayers!!! I always welcome them :) Praying for you guys too!

  2. Morgan, sounds like you had quite the epiphany in church or what I sometimes call "the Holy Spirit kicking you in the butt".:) I have the same struggle with the excuse making. I shouldn't bother to work out, I won't lose the weight or It doesn't matter what I eat or dont' eat b/c my hormones jack everythign up anyway, etc. etc. etc:)

    And it's a lot of fear that causes me to make these excuses. I am afraid to try b/c I am afraid I will fail. And I'm not used to failing:) I have to dig to find my humility and remember that God needs me to trust Him. I realize a lot that I almost never rely on God to handle my problems and that is so backwards! I hope this is a fruitful Lent for you:) Your 40 letters sound so cool. Not sure I know 40 people....:)

  3. Just watched the video. OMG! I'm at work trying to hold back the tears. A little can go a long ways. Good Luck w/ the Lenten Mickey D's. I love the letter writing idea too. All the best to you.