Monday, March 12, 2012

Random Thoughts at 2:47 am by: Yours Truly

Ok, I have not had time to blog and have had multiple blogs to post on, but like I said I need a few extra hours in the day in order to get that done. So... first night of Spring Break and I have MASSIVE heartburn and can't sleep. Hopefully what I am about to write will make some sort of sense and get me back on track for posting. We shall see. haha

First of all, life has been going so fast lately, I am not sure if I am coming or going most of the time. It seems like it was just the new year and its already the middle of March. We haven't had but like 2 cold days this winter, so maybe that is why it seems like the year is flying by. No snow, in fact on days we were going to see snow we didn't because it was like late spring type temps. Who ever thought it could be 70 in Jan. & Feb??? Maybe if you live in FL... or in the case Memphis, TN. Anyway, now that it should be getting warmer, we have had a few cold days. WTH?

Teacher evaluations... enough said. Most of my school year has been focused on stressing out about 2 hours, or 2 one hour evals. The first one as I wrote back in Dec. was less that desirable. My second was a couple of weeks ago, and "WHO ROCKED THE EVAL???," You ask? ME! Oh yeah it was great. The kids all did what they were supposed to, the lesson was great, and did I mention this was the drop in? Let's just say, the scores were amazing! I am so proud of myself. In fact, it made me feel so much better, after the last 3 months of questioning if being the average Joe wasn't just a OK. This evaluation showed the teacher that I really am, and made me stop questioning my "3"ness. It was great because the person who evaluated me, also evaluated me last year, so she was able to see the growth from this time last year to now, on top of the the the things I scored 3s in the first eval. She said it was never bad before, but this year's was amazing the change from before. I am a life long learner and the pleaser type personality. It killed me that got 3s on the first eval. So, I really took what was said to heart (probably a little too much, as I actually thought about becoming the walmart greeter at times over the past 3 months) and changed my approach and BAM 4s and 5s!

Having a house on the market is, well lets put it nicely a living nightmare right now. With the housing market in the toilet, I am just happy to get a call for a showing. But, with houses in my hood selling for less that $100,000 because of foreclosure, it makes it hard on a girl who isn't trying to get out the easy way. Sure I could do like most the people in my little starter home community do and let my house go, strip it of all the electrical, appliances, and such. But, being the responsible citizen and adult, I can't let myself be that irresponsible. So, my responsibility gets trampled on by those irrational people who think that they can truly get a move in ready home for less that nothing. (OK I might be on a tirade, bear with me) This week to my surprise we have had 3 calls for showings. One of which was cancelled because they called to show at the exact time they were calling and both of us were at work and missed the call, and couldn't have gotten the dog anyway. The other two this weekend. Here are my complaints about these two showings in bullet form :)
By the way their feedback was "Buyer thought the house needs carpet and paint now."
  • Saturday's showing was from 10 - 11 am. They showed up at 10:57
  • They stayed for 20 mins (making me think oh they must like)
  • First of all, we have new carpet in the front of the house, and $1000 in carpet allowance for the bedrooms of which is really more than enough CASH at closing for new carpet in 3 bedrooms.
  • Second, we painted everything right before we put it on the market.
  • Third, we are practically giving our house away (less than I originally paid for it) there have to be concessions made when buying a house. GET REAL!
  • My closing comment - You will not find a house in this area this well kept and move in ready. You obviously don't have a rational idea of what you can afford and/or what is out there. I would love to see what they actually buy.
Sunday showing feedback:"showed o.k., client wasn't satisfied that this was the one however."
  • First of all, who ends a statement with however? that goes at the front of a sentence.
  • Second, the showing time was from 1 - 2 pm. The agent did show up until 2:25 the people sat in our driveway from 2 to 25 then got out for like 5 mins... never even saw them go into the house.
  • Third, I would love to see what they say about foreclosed houses... if our was just OK.
  • Closing comment - I am absolutely OK with the fact that our house might not be the one, but when you drive up late for the appointment in your ghetto sled and don't even go in my house, I would probably prefer you not give feedback.
I guess I am just hung up on common courtesy. Show up for the appointment when you say you want it,(last Sat. showing just didn't even show up) people live in the house you are looking at and its rude to impose on my time and then leave crapy feedback. So far only 2 or 3 of the 19 showings we have had have left any feedback that is useful. Of course both were things that I can't change(bathroom too small). And then the carpet thing, so we allowed for the $1000 to replace it. I also wonder what these people end up buying because I have looked at the houses in our area for sale, and its not pretty. I Just can't believe that not a single showing has even put a low ball offer in. I mean no where does it say we are set in stone or firm on the price ( even though we aren't going much lower). Sorry for the rant, I needed to get that off my chest.

Back to the heart burn, I rarely have hb and Tums or a coke usually do the trick. This week I have had this 3 nights and it is driving me nuts. Please offer any ideas you have.


  1. Zantac 150 twice/day! You can buy over the counter and I buy the Costco brand. Good luck with the house selling, too, my friend!!

  2. UGH! People are SO frustrating! I'm so sorry that your house-showing aren't going as great as they could be. What I've learned from all my sales experience is that I'm actually pretty sane and MOST PEOPLE are crazy. And I think the crazy people have all been to look at your house. I'll pray for some normal ones to show up. Lets get this house sold!
    I'm THRILLED that you did such an amazing job on your teacher evals! I identify as well as a people pleaser, so I can understand the feeling of such a great improvement.
    Keeping you in my mind and in prayer for life to slow down a bit so you can enjoy and savor the spring!