Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Break!!!

Well, we are on spring break. I am trying to take it so easy. But, this is day two and I have been to the dentist both days - Monday, teeth cleaning, today, cavity filled. Lets just say, I better nothave to go back for at least 6 months lol.

I have a multitude of projects to do this week, and tomorrow is already Wednesday! Why does the time go so fast??? So far, I have made a couple door signs out of burlap, planted pansies in the planters on my front stoop, contemplated, decided on, and stained the cedar shutters my sweet hubs made me for Valentine's day. I am currently working on a door sign for our front door. But, I have 3 vinyl and wood signs to make (one of which is for A my prayer buddy from like 3 buddy cycles ago. Yep, I procrastinate MUCHO). I also have the column on our front porch to stain and a couple of cakes over the next few days. Some how I need to make it to the doctor, get my hair done (although that might be on hold due to a death in my friend's family), and I really wanted to get my dogs worked on. I need a pedicure like no other!!! I might need to take my hand held sander with me for my heels they are BAD!
Here a few pics of things I have been working on:

I made this cake this past weekend for a sweet friend's little boy.

I mad this for my sweet friend's baby girl that was born on Thursday night. I also made another one this weekend for a friend.

This is today's project staining our shutters. I have to get more stain in the am to do the column.

But, I did do something that I have been dragging my feet about off and on for months. Recently, the baby cycle started again. Yes, that is how I think of it, because about the time all my friends have finished having their babies, a whole new set of women I know one way or another start announcing they too are now starting a new 9 month cycle. Well, I guess it was over the weekend, after seeing a bunch of FB announcements and while I was sitting in my car with Zeke and waiting on showings no doubt, that I was done waiting, being too busy, letting life get in the way... So, I got on-line and filled out the pre-application for the adoption agency we were thinking of going with. Now I am just waiting on them to get back with me. If I don't hear back in the next day or so, I am going to call them. We need to get the ball rolling. I am ready to be the one announcing. I am ready to move from always being the wife, not the mom.

My thoughts for Spring 2012


  1. Beautiful cake! I hear you on the baby cycle. I'm in the middle of a whopper of a baby cycle right now. It's interesting...

  2. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm excited that you're pursuing the adoption avenue, no matter what you decide. You DESERVE to be a mama!!!!! :-) I'm so excited for you!!!
    And don't you worry one single bit about your sign. I'm a queen procrastinator here too. :-) I understand your mind-workings.
    Also ... BEAUTIFUL cake! WOW! You have TALENT, lady!!!!! Simply AMAZING!!!