Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Completely Overjoyed & Excited!!!

I am going to start this post with my complete overjoy for C and her husband the birth of their son Anthony!!! I first started reading her blog a little over a year ago. I could identify with her feelings and was going through the same phases of this journey as she was... Although she was further along but, that was helpful too. She posted about a novena and it intrigued me. Because of sweet C I joined her in prayer and focused my prayer and actually set aside time to do so. I think really that it not only helped my spiritual journey, it really helped me give it all to God, and focus on thanking him for all I have and to pray for others in a much more focused way.

 So, when fast forward to last Friday... She posted about "the call." They were picked by a birth mother in California. So Saturday they were able to fly to get that precious little miracle! This makes my smile just typing it. I am so overjoyed for her little family.

Now for the excited part... I had my first appointment with my bariatric surgeon today. I know in the past I have posted about this... I can't remember (getting old... my mom asked me today if I was really going to be 33 in a few weeks lol I AM!!!) But, I am going to take charge of my life and do this surgery. After ho humming it for a year and being generally disgusted with what I am become, I made the first move back in May. I am on my third  monthly weigh in, and have only 3 more to go. It looks like my surgery will be about the first or second week in Dec.

I love my surgeon. She is very personable and is highly recommended. She told me today (what my internal med dr. has already told me) that I am perfect candidate for the surgery. I will be doing the gastric sleeve. This is where they actually remove about 85% of my stomach completely. The other type,  gastric bypass actually leaves it in there... I can't do that. I know am weird I know. Anyway, the even more AWESOME news that she told me today was... It almost 100% CURES PCOS. That is the best news of all!!! She did say that with in 3 months you could get pregnant, but they don't recommend it for a year or your weight plateaus. I had already decided that we would not try until after that year, I would be 34 and that is still pretty young right? Not to mention, I don't want to not lose as much as I could because I get pregnant in the early stages of weight loss... wouldn't that be defeating the purpose? I mean I can't be as healthy as I can be for my child, if I don't do the work to get that way. This surgery is only a tool to help, its not going to work by itself. I am just so ready to make this change and get on with my life... and maybe even find the real/ old me that is hiding inside this larger than life body.


  1. It is so exciting about C., isn't it? And exciting that your journey is moving forward as well!

  2. I am so excited for you...and a little jealous, too! :) I had just started losing weight from P when I got pregnant this time. And while I am sooooo grateful to be expecting him, it is A LOT harder physically than it was when I was smaller. Losing all my weight first would have been ideal but, obviously, God had other plans...and He is teaching me a lot during this time.

    Many, many prayers for you!

  3. I'm glad you are doing this for you!

  4. Thank you so much, Morgan. We feel so very blessed. Please know that you remain I'm my prayers and I cannot wait to see your many journeys unfold!

  5. It is THE Best about Carla, her DH and her little boy!!! LOVE IT!!!!
    I'm so excited for YOU TOO!! It has got to be exciting to have a set date and an encouraging doctor and an awesome success rate at curing PCOS!!! :-)
    Yes ... 34 is still VERY YOUNG to be a mom!