Sunday, July 22, 2012

Could have done without that...

I am one of those people who can watch a movie a few times and if I like, be able to recite the whole move... So, if you can tell me what movie this blog title came from you get a gold star. lol It is one of my all time favorite movies ever! Unfortunately, the star of the movie died of a drug overdose... Ok that is the only clue I am giving :)

No really, this past week I had a few experiences that I could have done without. See this past week was our first week back in our classrooms to start getting ready for the new school year that starts in T-minus 15 days... 15 DAYS!!!! See this wouldn't be that big of a deal except I am moving down to 1st grade (THANK YOU LORD & PRINCIPAL T). See I have to start from scratch, because I gave all of my 1st grade stuff away after my first year in 4th. Now 5 years later I am starting ova. Its alright though because I am a little person teacher at heart anyway. So Monday, I got in there and couldn't see the forest for the trees. So I had HUGE plans for Tuesday, I was going to be there all day. Side Bar: I should never "plan" anything with the house on the market... its like realtors have bugged my house and call to show whenever I have said out loud, "I have plans." 

So, Tuesday morning at 8:20 I get a text message, to show my house for 2 freaking hours... WHAT? I respectfully told them they could pick one hour. So, 10:30 - 11:30 it was, it gave me time to get up and get the house spic and span... At 11:28 they call to say she needs more time. I have been sitting in my car with it running for an hour with 2 crazy dogs and she wants more time?!?!?! I said ok. At 11:50, i mins after she said she would be there I call back. She is 10 mins away. Here I climb on my soap box. If your job is to show houses, and you know that the seller is sitting in the car in the 100+ degree temps SHOW UP ON TIME or don't make the appointment. You need time management training anyway. NO ONE sets up showing times for 2 hours. So they finally showed up and I get back in my house with my hot dogs (yes they have fur coats ya know) at 12:15. I am so mad I could spit nails so no classroom work Tuesday. We get another showing that night... more about that in a minute.

Well, Wednesday am I get up early and make my way to my 3rd check in with my dr. for the insurance co. for my surgery. My blood pressure seems to be higher when I go in the am, because everyone and their brother goes to the dr. and I end up parking 5 miles from the building and have to truck it to make the appointment time. So, I got there early, only about a half mile (not really but for a fat girl it still is a ways to walk... good exercise but, not good for bp. ) The nurse takes my blood pressure and says, whoa.. that is really high (189/110). I immediately FREAK OUT! She says here sit here and find your happy place and I will come back and take it again.... Um all I could think about was I must be dying!!! my bp is usually 120/80 at the highest. It is 166/110 this time, I start crying... why is this happening to me. I am a crier too, once I start I can't stop. Dr. K comes in and says what is wrong... you are probably just having anxiety or something. But, does and EKG just to make sure. My heart is fine, my head not so much. See apparently (I am learning so much about health and health issues these days) high bp can cause very bad headaches... But headaches can also cause your bp to go up. So in the words of Dr. K which came first... we don't know yet. He doesn't put me on meds, but tells me to take it easy and take my bp once a week for the next 4 weeks til I see him in Aug.

I am headed on my way with a headache, the fear of high bp and its side effects, and I get a feed back email from the night times showing stating my house's price is too high for the size, and needs to be cleaned..... It really is amazing I didn't kill over right there in the elevator! By the time I get home I am feeling really weird and my head feels like it might explode. I try to rest and sleep... not happening. So I call my mom, talk to her and she informs me that with bp like that I could have a stroke.... WHAT?!?!?

I am pretty sure that Wednesday was the biggest eye opener ever! It is so important to pay attention to your body and your health. It wasn't until about midnight that I finally started feeling normal again. I am looking into putting the cake biz on hold for a while, and trying to not get so upset about things... I don't ever want to feel like that again. I am looking at all the balls I am juggling and seeing what I really need to keep and what I can let go of. It will be hard for me not to freak out or obsess over things, but I am going to try not to for my health's sake. Moral to this story: Take care of yourself! All that other stuff won't matter if you aren't around to see it or participate in it.

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  1. Ok ... NOT a movie buff, because I don't know what the movie title is. :( But YAY for first grade!!! What a fun age!!! You will do great! But .... 15 days?!?!?! Really? Is the summer over THAT SOON??? I guess I forget about summer as I'm not "in school" anymore ... but this was a super-quick summer!!!
    Your realtor is a bone head! Who does NOT make appointments on time!!!???!!! And where would you go with your dogs in the heat? And cooping them up in the car for almost 2 hours?!?!? Unreal! This gal is seriously crazy. And then for the "customer" to say your house isn't spick and span ... really? I've seen houses not spic and span, and lets just say, not knowing you IRL & all, I have NO DOUBT that your house WAS TRULY spic and span. People are so fickle. And Crazy! I'm so sorry. I wish there weren't crazy people trying to buy your house.
    I hope you are feeling better about your BP and your BP is doing better. It would have been so scary to have such a high BP! I really hope it was stress and nothing is out of alignment.
    PS. SO cute the pic of Zoe on your page!!!!! <3