Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The card attached would say...

Ok I know I am a dork... that has been obvious for years. I have a weird and quirky sense of humor. I have always loved Golden Girls! I mean they were funny when I was a kid, they are even funnier now. I find myself laughing so hard I cry sometimes. I guess you could say their humor is like mine. I once took one of those silly quizzes on FB about which Golden Girl would you be... I wasn't sure who I would be but the fact that I got Rose made me die laughing. Am I really that character? Which Golden Girl would you be?Anyway, when I watch the reruns over and over they are still funny to me. What happened to that kind of good tv?

Tonight I got together with my sorority sisters that get together at least once a month. I know I have previously posted about these girls. I love them so, it is sometimes hard to hear of all the blessings and miracles in their lives when I am bombarded with the unanswered prayers over here ( insert pitty party... I think I am about done with those though!). In fact, many times I don't make it to these get togethers because I tell myself I won't have anything to contribute. Most have children, a few are singles, then there is me the infertile. How crazy is it that when infertility is introduced in your life it starts defining you? Well, I am glad I went tonight. I don't know why I let my little infertile devil on my shoulder talk me out of making time to go each month. These ladies are truly the best thing since sliced bread. I can be me infertile or not, over weight or not, crazy or not and guess what THEY LOVE ME for me! I have got to remember this when my little voice says nah you are too busy,  or too tired,  or even just not sure you can handle the kid talk etc. Anyway these girls have been in my life since college. I watched them all join my chapter DG (I am the oldest pledge class represented) I actually pref'd a few of them, one is my lil sis, we really are like real sisters, we all watch out for each other. Don't mess with my sister lol. We are there for happy times,  we are there for the sad times, we even send group texts that drive me crazy lol. I have a few true friends that are not in this group of girls, but when anything happens in my life aside from family these girls are the ones I want to tell first.  

I am so truly blessed with a wonderful life, wonder friends, and so many more exciting miracles to come. So, if you threw a party and invited everyone you knew... would the card attached say Thank you for being a friend? I am so thankful for these girls and I hope they all know that the biggest gift would be from me! I just wanted to put it in writing! :)

Here are some funny scenes from my favorite old show :)


  1. Oh how I love the Golden Girls! I so easily get sucked in to reruns!!!

  2. Love the Golden Gals.... But nothing beats my DG sisters!!! :)

  3. I love the Golden Girls! We only got to watch their show at my grandparents house and now (as an adult) I see why ... so racy! :-) That Blanche! I never got the "inside jokes" then, but now! Oh my! :-)
    I like Rose the best, but would probably say I'm most like Dorothy ... attitude, looks, etc. :-)