Tuesday, September 24, 2013

i heart fall

The weather is cooling off, the leaves are changing colors, my tigers WON a football game... Its been a long time since that happened, but fall means football season & tailgating. Pumpkins are everywhere... in the next two months I will get my "hour" back to sleep when we fall back(I know its all in my head... but it makes me happy). OH yeah, there are only 9 more days until fall break.

I feel like Bubba from Forrest Gump around this time every year. Just replace shrimp with pumpkin and that me!


  • PSL ( pumpkin spice latte for people who might be hiding under a rock lol)
  • pumpkin spice cupcakes ( I MAKE THE BEST!!!)
  • Pillsbury pumpkin cookies with cream cheese chips in them (OMG eating some right now... Amazballs)
  • pumpkin roll (so yummy)
  • pumpkin cake donuts
  • pumpkin smoothies
  • the perfect grouping of pumpkins on my front porch (have to have 3 every year.... short and squatty, tall and skinny, and just regular old pumpkin)
  • pumpkin place mats
Do I really need to go on???? You get the picture, this is my favorite time of year!

Happy Fall Y'all!


  1. Happy Fall! I too love pumpkin everything (well except PSL, but that's more a problem with coffee than pumpkin....if I were ever going to drink coffee and like it a PSL would be it, I'd think). However, The Man likes pumpkin nothing. I don't understand it. While it does mean more for me, I like to cook for him, so it seriously limits my pumpkin intake!

  2. Happy fall back to ya! I have a feeling the leaves are about to start showing off their pretty colors for us here in TN verrrrry soon :)