Monday, December 2, 2013

It's A Wonderful Life...

One of my favorite Christmas movies.... But, truly I kind of feel like George and Mary with this old house... the only thing missing is all the children. But, now that we have the space, hopefully God will bless us with at least one kiddo to fill some of these rooms.  I am praying the St. Andrew's novena from Nov. 30th  - Christmas. I find it so calming and really draws me closer to God.
Aside from the prayer putting me in the Christmas spirit, my Christmas cards came yesterday!!! And this Thanksgiving break I have spent a lot of time decorating our spaces. I also got a super black Friday deal on a new bigger Christmas tree. I am so loving all the decorations, and get the biggest smile on my face when I look around our humble abode. :) "Smiling is my favorite!"  - Elf

Anyway here a few pics of Christmas at the Robbins' Roost :


  1. Beautiful!! I love all the decorations. It looks like a Christmas Wonderland in your house now. :) I hope God answers your prayers. We're praying the St. Andrew's Novena over here too!

  2. I love all your Christmas decorations! Gorgeous! The St. Andrew's novena is a beautiful one.