Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mayo Family Tradition... ends with a fat lip

Every year we get together at my parents to decorate their 12 ft tall christmas tree. Now my mom overdoes ever holiday, but christmas is at the top of the list. She has like 6 trees through out the house. The big one has lots of our ornaments from over the year and she gets new ones each year. They are the glass specialty kind. It really is the most beautiful tree when we are all finished. We always watch Christmas Vacation while we decorate.

This year my sister is a big as the broad side of a barn talking about how much the baby is moving, her fiance is not really into the decorating, my hubs is helpful but really doesn't want to help, my dad is busy on his computer, bring the tree downstairs is what he has done to help out. I am stuck helping mom and lets just face it I have already completely decorated my own tree.

This year we decorated half and ate dinner. Afterwards Robbie and I start hanging things on the tree. My mom goes up the stairs behind it to put stuff in the top of the tree... and loses her footing and slips down the stairs, and ends up on top of a large rubbermaid tub of very breakable ornaments. I rush over to help check her out and she thinks she is ok. See she has an artificial knee so I am asking how her knee is, she kind of looked stunned but said her knees were fine. But I quickly notice she is bleeding from her mouth. I took her in the bathroom and it appears she has bit her upper lip. Needless to say we all flipped out, my pregnant sister freaked and was crying. Then my mom was crying because she just wanted to get the tree done. I then started feeling like a heel for not finishing it earlier in the night... Tomorrow my mom is going to be so sore I am sure. I just hope and pray that the lip is really the only injury. It scared the crap out of me.

So, if you could please say a prayer that she is ok and not in too much pain. We are taking a taller ladder over tomorrow night to finish putting the ornaments and topper on the tree... But I am thinking they just need a shorter tree.


  1. Oh no!! Saying prayers for your mom. Hoping her lip is alright.

    1. Thanks girl! Good news she is fine... but her lip is huge!!! We went back over there tonight to finish the tree... She looks like rocky. :)

  2. Glad to see the update that your mom is OK - prayers that there is less "excitement" for the rest of the holiday season!