Wednesday, June 9, 2010

moving right along..

Well today is the first day of a new outlook at this trying to conceive adventure... Starting tomorrow no more temping, charting, fretting, or obsessing. Tomorrow my sweet hubby and I will head downtown to stay at the Westin Hotel and head to Mud Island for the Zac Brown Band Concert. This is our early anniversary gift to each other! I am super excited!!!

I am going to call Dr. Ke's office to see what our plan of action is for this month. Hopefully he will give me some ovulating drugs... Although I am wondering how I will know if or when I am ovulating if I am not temping, but oh well. I am all about less stress! I have been charting on a site for the past 9 months and lets just say the ladies on there have gone a tad batty this month, so I am giving them the boot... I need no drama or crazy hormonal women getting my feathers all rustled. I have been reading and thinking to myself... Please God, tell me I haven't acted like this CRAZY women lol just kidding... well a little bit :)I have my dietitian's appointment on Friday too. Little scared but excited too. I am ready to make some changes out side of the TTC world. Well I guess that is all for now...


  1. OMG have so much fun at Zach Brown Band! I totally wish I could see them!

    If you arent going to temp you can do OPK to see when you ovulate. They worked really well for me. OH and dont pay the stupid store prices, get them in bulk online (the kind that they use in the doctors offices) and they are much cheaper, I get mine on eBay. I would go through 10-14 each cycle when I was trying to get pregnant with my first. So buying in bulk made it much easier on the wallet!

  2. Michelle I have some ready to go that I bought middle of this last longest cycle ever from :)

  3. definitely enjoy your mini-vacay and try not to worry about anything else! & i second the ovulation tests. & you know, maybe paying less attention to all the little nuances of your body (believe me, i was there!), will give you a chance to relax, and then, ta-da! you'll have your little miracle! sweet thoughts being sent your way!

  4. I have a bunch of tests I bought in bulk too Morgan if you want them.

    I had the protocol for Clomid in January but we backed out for a bunch of reasons. Just didn't seem time for us. But you will take it a series of days at the beginning fo your cycle, then they will bring you in for an u/s mid cycle to check for ripe follicles. If they see any, then you will do a single injection of HcG to release them. Hopefully just one:) Then you will baby dance and then the two week wait:) Enjoy your fun weekend and holler if you want the tests. I have a bunch. I can leave them with Shannon if you are seeing her anytime soon.