Sunday, June 6, 2010

Man what a week...

Ok so my sister was getting married yesterday so this week has been CRAZY!!!! But her wedding was beautiful! It was in my parents backyard and was absolutely perfect minus the heat!

At the time of my last post I was 13 DPO... at 16DPO and no positive or period I reevaluated my chart and decided that I had ovulated later (when I actually thought I was implanting) So here we are again I am 13 DPO and nothing... I have been taking Provera for the past 8 days so I guess I will get to start all over again in a few days. I really haven't had any symptoms of the beginning of a new cycle yet. I thought when I started taking Provera that it would be quicker... after reading on line it could be a week to 14 days before you start after finishing it. I am just want to be pregnant or be able to get out of this CRAZY cycle!!!



  1. I did a round of Provera in January and it took me forever as well. Then it made me flaming crazy! I felt so out of control and just psychotic! Hang in there:) Your pics of your sister's wedding looked great!

  2. Thanks Brenda! I am super happy that is over with... lots of added stress I don't need trying to get pregnant. ha. I am super happy that you are expecting! God is good all the time!!! :)