Monday, June 14, 2010

Taking the good with the bad dudududududududu the facts of life

well I can't remember all of the words to that theme song, but its so true!

Two years ago today I was getting ready to marry my wonderful hubby! He texted me this morning and asked me what I was doing at that time 2 years ago.... I was like hummmmm... I was eating waffles with my best friend jessica getting ready to start getting ready for the best day of my life. He said, "yeah I was waking up yelling at Blake that we overslept." haha My wedding day was the most perfect day ever! All my friends thought that I had taken something cause I was so calm and collected, but really I was just so happy that nothing would have rustled my feathers that day. Everything was PERFECT! I had my dream job, was having my dream wedding, and was going to have the dream marriage! So far, nothing really has changed, except we want a family and that dream family isn't coming together quite like we had planned. But, seriously besides that I can't complain one bit. Sure we have our share of stupid little fights but who doesn't???

That was the good for today.... Now here's the bad

I didn't get with the RE soon enough... It's too late to start clomid this cycle. :( I had my little pity party for all of like 5 minutes. Oh well, it's not like by taking some pill for 5 days this cycle I will miraculously get pregnant. I mean if the time is right I should get pregnant anyway right? Isn't God the one in control here, not me??? I have to remind myself sometimes that ultimately if I am to be pregnant, God is the one to bestow the gift, not some pill. Having said that, GOD I know you are out there... I am jumping through hoops here, Please let this be our cycle!!!! If not we will try again next cycle... and maybe even use the 5 little pills :)

Side note... reading what I just wrote Clomid sounds like the magic beans in Jack and the Bean Stalk... lol Sorry I crack myself up sometimes when I think about things :) Guess that's how I have stayed sane. :) HAPPY MONDAY!

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