Monday, December 20, 2010

Amazing Night

Well this past Friday we headed out of town to Nashville for the Garth Brooks concert. It was a quick trip, but so worth it!!! We stayed at the Double Tree, which was nice. We met up with friends Laurie and Craig and headed out to the Concert.

Laurie and Craig got the tickets online from a ticket broker. Little did we know we paid more than face value for them. We got through the door and the lady scanning our tickets said there was something wrong with them. She asked us if we had already entered the building. Well obviously we didn't. So they took us to the ticket counter where we were told the tickets had been voided and or already used. They took them and said sorry about your luck. We were all freaking out. Craig called the broker and told him what was going on, and Robbie asked the lady if there were any tickets. Of course she said no its sold out. Then a few minutes later when we were not moving from her little ticket window she said, "oh here are 4 on the lower level. Do you want to purchase them?" We got four 3rd row tickets for $110, we originally spent $330 for the 4 from the broker. We were super excited!

The broker refunded the money and offered us tickets to another show. All in all we totally hit the jack pot! The stars were aligned :)

The concert was truly amazing! Garth is such a performer!!! Here are some pictures from the blessed event! :)

Well with everything going on lately it was super fabulous to get away and enjoy ourselves. Ever since all the shots, clomid, and IUI I have been an emotional roller coaster, so needless to say some of the songs struck an emotional cord with me. We were so close to the sound booth and back stage area that I had Robbie take a picture of the play list sitting on a speaker box. It was definitely a sign when I saw the song circled on the list.
I am so blessed that all my prayers haven't been answered over the years. Man, who knows where I would be if all the prayers I had at various times through out high school and college had be answered. Unfortunately, I have one prayer that is currently unanswered and the song makes me think, maybe I should be thanking God instead of questioning why????

I am so thankful for that wonderful night. Saturday was not lacked the happiness. I had shared with a friend earlier in the week that we would know if the IUI worked this weekend. I also asked her to pray that if we weren't pregnant for my cycle to hold off until we get back because I knew it would take the wind out of my sails. Not even an hour after we got home, I went to the bathroom and got our answer. I felt like a ton of bricks had just been dropped on my chest. The disappointment is indescribable. I needed some time to cry and be sad. I have tried to keep a happy face in public, but in private I am devastated. Robbie was sad too. He said, " I really thought you were pregnant, that it was going to work." That broke my heart even more. I think this time more than ever there was more invested in this. But, unlike the other cycles, I really gave it all to Him. I knew there weren't that great of chances, but that there was a better chance than on our own. I prayed during the insemination that his will would be done, that I really wanted this, but knew and trusted his judgement. I had a peace about it. I felt like we really had a chance.

So, we start yet another cycle, a year and a half into this crazy adventure. We have decided to stop trying for the time being. We will regroup and adjust and move on. We will continue to put our faith in God and know that even though we don't see the tiny miracle we hope for that we will be parents one day.

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