Saturday, December 11, 2010

On the 11th day of Christmas...

Well we finally got all of the decorating done today. I love this time of year, but its a lot of work to get it ready and in order. So, I thought I would share our Christmas Cheer since we really don't have many visitors to see it in person.

This Christmas we have so much to be greatful for!
* We are so blessed to have each other! In the craziness of this year my loving and devoted husband has kept his cool, tried to make me feel like all was not lost every CD 1. I am so blessed and Thank GOD for him every day!

* I am not sick like last year. Man the holidays last year were terrible for me. I am so blessed to have had a wonderful ENT to take care of my sinus issues and a loving husband and Mom to take care of me post surgery.

* I have the sweetest doggie there is. In fact this year we was going to try out to be one of Santa's Reindogs.

* We are both so blessed to have our wonderful jobs. Now Robbie will disagree with the wonderful part, but he did get a raise this year and had been working more than last year. His boss made mention of thinking of him at Christmas... I sure hope it's not the Jelly of the Month Club. lol

* We have such wonderful family! We could not make it without them! We were able to Move Linda to Collierville this summer and that has been a Godsend! We just wish we could get her house in MS sold.

* We continued our Mayo Family tradition last night of decorating my parent's tree. It is always a fun event. And by fun I mean hilarious, Christmas Vacation type of fun. This is the Mayo Family Tree all 13 feet of it in all its glory.

I could go on forever and ever, but I am sure this post is long enough. This Christmas we are looking for a miracle, but knowing that there are miracles happening for us everyday. One last photo to share with you, our stockings are hung by the chimney with care and our Santa gnome is peeking from behind the tree.


  1. Decor looks great! 5 stockings?? I am a little confuse here! Glad you have found things to be so thanksful for, it is so true, we think we have so little during fertility struggles, but we are so very blessed in different way!

  2. Thanks Allison! Well wouldn't it be great to have those two monogramed too! I bought the stockings a long time ago from pottery barn, so I went on and got 4 thinking that one day I would be married and have 2 kiddos. (little did I know, right?) I was afraid they wouldn't have the same ones when I got married so I bought them all at the same time. So we have 2 just waiting to be monogramed with our future kiddos' names.