Thursday, December 2, 2010

Drum Roll Please...

Well today was my follow up ultrasound. Even though I was really hoping to have 3 or 4 mature follies, I had 2 one almost 15mm and another 16.8 mm. So, I am doing one more follistim shot tonight and then.....


IUI is set for Saturday morning. I am in shock that we made it to this point. I really don't know if I will be able to believe it until I am actually on the table and being inseminated. This is so surreal. I know this is exactly what we have been trying for all these months. But, I guess after the failed attempt at making it to the iui last cycle I just assumed or told myself that it wasn't really going to happen. I don't know if that makes sense to anyone but me, but its the way I feel.

I am so grateful for this road we are on. It really has made me such a stronger person, even through the hardships, disappointments, almost downright devastating times, I am so thankful God has chosen us to go through this. I know that there is some (very hard to comprehend) reason that this road has been difficult to get down. Now as we embark on the "more waiting" leg of this crazy trip we call Operation make a Baby Robbins, I will try to stay calm, collected, and sane. This is going to be the LONGEST 13 to 15 days!!!

All Prayers are welcome and appreciated :)


  1. 2 FOLLICLES!!!! Girl you better be preparing yourself for more than one baby Robbins! Oooohhhhhhh so exciting! Is this your 1st IUI attempt? are you doing one or two this round? and might I ask why Dr K (and yourself) think the IUI is better than the other way? just curious, we tried IUI once thinking it was the only way to get me pregnant, so I was just wondering what led you on this path.

    And now a few little words of encouragment to your nice sized follies....
    grow little follicles grow, produce and release egg(s), so that you can be fertilized and grow up to one day meet the mommy and daddy that fought so hard for you! (ok that sort of sounded like a lesson in reproduction, that was not my intention!)
    Happy baby making to you!

  2. First of THANK YOU FOR the follie pep talk! I am taking all I can get to get these little eggs to fertilization...

    This is our first and probably only attempt for a while as we have depleted the baby making fund.

    Dana said that they really don't recommend the double inseminations anymore, doing it on our own after would suffice.

    Dr. K did recommend it due to our trying for 17 months with timed intercourse and 2 cycles of clomid, my PCOS and our male factor.

    I really think that I am that person, that if we didn't try this at least, I would always wonder if it didn't ever happen, if it could have this way. I have friends that this didn't work for them and they ended up pregnant on their own later, like you guys. But, I just want to be able to say at the end of all this, I did everything I could before calling it quits. i am sad to say that we wont be able to afford IVF, because I have 2 friends that did it and have the cutest sets of twins from it.

    Well I need to hit the sack. We have an VERY important morning ahead of us.