Monday, October 10, 2011

Hopeful Heart

While away this weekend I made the comment man, it would be nice if we could win the money to pay for an adoption... I guess that is when God said NO! We didn't win any money during the trip, but one of my besties was there with me,(to do all of our hair for the wedding) so it was a little easier losing.

When I made the comment, I wont lie we had been drinking a little Fat Tuesdays, she said," well I wasn't going to tell you this, but..." I was immediately in tears...

See in her business she has lots of customers, and connections. Earlier in the week a customer came in and was telling her how at work she had been talking with a patient (she is a nurse practitioner). She talked this girl out of having an abortion and helped her quit smoking. I was like wow that is awesome. She continued telling me, that the girl had a 1 year old and wasn't able to keep this one. (TEARS... then and now thinking about it) She said that the girl was going to put the child up for adoption and that she told the nurse about us and our troubles. She said " please keep my friends in mind for this and/or any others, they want a baby desperately." Side bar, my friend is a true friend, my heart explodes at the thought that she would even care enough to tell the woman we need to be in line for this precious miracle. She wants this for us about as badly as we want it for ourselves.

The nurse told her that the only catch was that if the baby is a girl, she and her husband want to adopt the baby. They have 3 boys at home and want a little girl. But, if it is a boy, we are now in the mix with 2 other couples to maybe get to interview with the birth mom. I am trying not to get too wrapped up in this, but am praying so hard that it is a boy, and that we get a chance to meet this birth mom and show her how much we will love her baby. I have contacted 2 lawyers today to inquire about the process we will go through now or in the future and am waiting to hear back from them both.

I pray that if this child is not a girl or is a boy but we are not the right parents that he or she will be loved and taken care of! Of course I also pray that he is our baby we have been praying for. So, now the waiting game goes... the big day is next wednesday the 19th. So please pray that this is either the next stepping stone in our journey to adoption or the start of our parents -to-be hood.

Either way, For this child, I have prayed!


  1. Oh Morgan, I'll be praying hard for a boy!!! :)
    I hope this is your journey to parenthood that you have dreamed about. How EXCITING!!!!!!!!!
    What a great friend you have!

  2. Praying praying praying!!! Please keep me updated as soon as u hear something!!!

  3. Oh what a wonderful possibility! I will continue to pray for you and this precious child!