Friday, October 21, 2011

It's a Boy!

I want to be excited when saying those words, but the story is a little weird. See the nurse, that is our contact wanted to adopt the baby if it was a girl, is very upset. I completely understand, she wanted it to be a girl so she could adopt. I totally get that. But, her text to my friend was, "I can't talk about it now." This is a very important point in the other three couples lives and she doesn't want to talk about it...

So, with an thankful heart, THANKYOU all for your thoughts and prayers! Please continue to pray that now that we know it is a boy, that maybe just maybe it is supposed to be our boy!

Also please include the nurse in your prayers as she needs strength to move past this. As well as the birthmother for the courage to stay pregnant and help her make the very important decision she will have once she meets with the all the couples.

In other boy news my hubs and I are super excited for our sweet friends who brought a beautiful baby boy into the world this morning! Now their little family of three is a family of four! Baby girl is now a big sister! So happy for them!

Disclaimer: my laptop is on the blink so this is from my phone who is also acting crazy... So hopefully this make some kind of sense. Sorry for typos.


  1. Praying for all involved! So complicated! Praying, praying!

  2. I read your post earlier, but couldn't comment at the time. I'm SO GLAD its a boy and have wondered what's been happening since.
    I've been praying hard for you both that this is your son ... and also for the nurse to heal her heart.
    Keep us posted!!!

  3. Wow, I can see how this has been a hard week for you. Praying for God's perfect plan to unfold and that your heart would be overflowing with hope! Hugs =)