Sunday, October 9, 2011

Viva Las Vegas

I have been a little out of the blogger loop for few days. I made the trek out to Vegas for my friend Amberly's wedding. It was my first time to Vegas, and I am pretty sure it might be the last. OMG can we say EXPENSIVE!!! We stayed at Planet Hollywood and got in A LOT of walking in. The strip is definitely cool, but there are so weirdos out there! I guess I know why they call it Sin City, when you walk outside the hotel there are men and sometimes women handing you cards or flyers with nude women on them. I was like... seriously!?!?

But the wedding was beautiful! She looked amazing, the weather was perfect! One thing I would have liked to burned was my shoes that didn't fit properly, but it was a great time!

I have some super cool news, but am EXHAUSTED right now so I just wanted to update with a couple pics and videos and let you know I was still alive!


  1. Oh my gosh ... were there Elvis impersonators on every corner? LOL Your pictures are amazing! Isn't the scenery beautiful?
    Your friend's wedding picture and the cake are GORGEOUS!!! I'm glad you had such a good time (besides the shoes) ... AND I'm waiting to hear your great news. :)

  2. I want to hear the good news!!!!

    Yes, two days is typically my limit in Vegas. Your pics are fantastic.