Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holy moly this has been a week...

AND ITS ONLY TUESDAY! Thank God tomorrow is hump day!

I haven't really posted too much since Thanksgiving because I have been sick. Apparently this fall is my sickly time of the year.

I can't remember if I already wrote this recently, but I had an ear infection last week... The kind kids have that wakes them up in the middle of the night. I did refrain from screaming bloody murder, since my hubs had to be up at 4:30am. But, my week started getting ready for a workshop that was being held about 1 1/2 hrs from me. So, last Monday I was getting ready for a sub for Tuesday and getting ready for my 2nd evaluation. I was kind of having allergy (or so I thought) issues because he had gotten the Christmas stuff down from the attic over the weekend. So, I just took benadryl. Well over night last Monday we were getting some snow... Lets just say where I live if they mention that 4 letter words around here people and the KIDS, ok maybe the teachers too get a little squirrel-ie. So, In the rain(not snow) I headed to Jackson. When I woke up Wednesday, I kind of felt like there was cotton in my ear, but thought it was just sinus junk. Well at 12:14 that night I woke up to a stabbing feeling in my hear. So, when I made it to the dr. he said wow your good hear looks pretty bad, "Oh Gosh!" was what he said when looking at the one that hurt. So, I missed school 1/2 day Thursday and all day Friday.

In case you have been hiding under a rock, Christmas break is in two weeks. So, Monday I was back and trying to get my class back in gear after me missing 2 and 1/2 days last week. Well they are buck wild because they are excited about Christmas. I really can't blame them, but Lord have mercy, I have my evaluation and can't predict how they are going to act. So, last night I stayed up til about 12:15 getting ready. Woke up really early (for me) and got to work at 7:15. I had 45 mins til a meeting or so I thought. Surprise you have a student teacher meeting at 7:30. So, I went from one meeting to the next, to 8:45 and kiddos coming laughing & talking. Oh and today is my no break day. I talked to the kiddos, prepped them for our visitor, and PRAYED!!! Well, my lesson was a good one, but went a little too long, I had one who sweet friend who completely came unglued, and when my 45 mins was up, She just smiled and said we'll talk...

For those non teacher out there, teacher are under A LOT more pressure these days than in the past. Being a type A personality in most aspects, all I can focus on is what didn't go great... But I am super happy it is over and am moving on... A week and 1/2 and we will be on Christmas break.

Prayers the man who saw our house today wants to buy it... He was here longer than anyone to date, but we will see. I think our house is even cuter with our Christmas tree and mantel all decorated. :) For your viewing pleasure, since you read to the bottom of this long play by play haha.


  1. Hello! :) I found your blog from "Patiently Waiting" . As a fellow teacher, I can completely relate to the pressure you are experiencing leading up to Christmas break! Bless you for also having to deal with an observation during this hectic time!

  2. Love the pics of Zeke in the lights! I will have to do that with out Golden! :)

  3. I hope you're feeling better by now (sorry I haven't read this sooner!). I used to have ear aches when I was little and they are painful and NO fun! I hope they have better meds by now.
    I want to say that I just LOVE your tree and decorations ... and your paint color looks amazing! I need some help picking out something other than beige for my house. :-) I hope Mr. Visitor is drawing up an offer soon!