Saturday, October 27, 2012

I think I can... I hope I can...

Well I started the "liver shrink" diet on Thursday. I have stopped caffeine cold turkey. Enough said! Oh my goodness the excruciating pain in my head is ridiculous! I mean I have tried to stop caffeine before but not food and caffeine. Here is a looksie into my life right now:

breakfast - protein shake or bar (220 cal or less)
mid morning snack - 1/2 cup of fruit
lunch - protein shake or bar (220 cal or less)
afternoon snack - 1/2 cup of fruit
dinner - AHHHH FOOD....
              3 oz of lean meat

unlimited green veggies through out the day but must be steamed or raw
NO butter, oils, dairy, caffeine

Which really means I am eating food... but my head is not seeing it that way. Every(well so far 2) afternoon about 2pm I start getting the head ache.  :(

Now, that is the only complaining! The end result is worth this, I just didn't prepare myself for it with my crazy busy schedule.

Oh yeah I went to the cardiologist and apparently have a slight murmur... so I have to have some nuclear test or something on Monday. Please pray that it is nothing bad. Or else I might not behaving this surgery after all.


  1. I know you can! That is tough, though. I don't consume much caffeine, but limiting food (especially carbs) that much is really tough! I will be praying for your test. There are a lot of benign murmurs, so praying it's one of those!

  2. Thanks ladies! It's so great to know I have sweet blog friends to encourage me! Yesterday was almost headache free... Baby steps right? :)