Saturday, October 20, 2012

Life seems to be in FAST FORWARD...

I am not sure who hit the fast forward button on my life, but man... Life seems to be in high gear. My last post was about fall break and here we are a 2 weeks later and life has been nuts. Fall break was a GREAT week to not do anything school related. I cleaned out closets, our storage unit, you name it if it wasn't nailed down I was going to either sell it or give it to Goodwill.

I had the most unsuccessful yard sale ever. We made like $80. Really was more of a waste of my time than it was a money maker. I didn't get my hair done or a massage or anything like that. I had an appointment to get the hair done, but my sweet friend's sister in law was gunned down at her job by an employee she had to fire the day before. So she had to go be with her family in Louisiana. So sad and senseless. I hope that man is put in prison where he can' t do that to the next person who makes him mad. But, anyway I box dyed my hair myself and it looks pretty snazzy if I do say so :) All in all Fall break was great! But, it got me thinking, man I wish I could be a housewife. I made dinner each night, cleaned house, etc. It was great not being completely drained each night. That is never going to happen but, its a nice thought :)

But, Monday it was back to the routine. It was a rough day for me and the kids getting back into the swing of things. My surgeon's office called and threw me into hyper drive. My surgery will not be the 30th as planned. It is going to be November 8th. Which I had originally wanted, but we couldn't get cardiac clearance until the 2nd. But, at this point I was given the 8th or 2013. I don't want to wait that long. So, this set forth alot of appointments super quick. Yesterday I had an upper gi... GROSS! It was an experience, and I am glad that is over. Monday I have my pre-op visit with Dr. W. This is when I will get my liver shrink diet for the next few weeks, and get more info on the surgery and post surgery stuff. Then, Thursday I go for my cardiac clearance. Then two weeks from that is the surgery. I have tried this weekend to think of food I may not be able to eat again and eat it... but the crazy thing is none of it has tasted as good as I thought it was going to taste. Could my body be helping me realize that I wont be missing these things after all?!?!?! I think maybe. But needless to say, this time next month I will be recovering and not eating Turkey and dressing like I have in the past. But I will still have so much to be Thankful for!

Now, I would like to ask for some prayers for my neighbors. They found out a few weeks ago that they were pregnant with their third child. It has been a rough time for them lately as she has been out of work since the spring. She was really worried about finding a job etc. Well she got a job on Wednesday. So that was great. She went for her first ultrasound yesterday and it didn't go well. Last night she had to go to the ER for the pain. Turns out she was having an ectopic pregnancy, her tube ruptured and they had to remove it this morning. It is always so sad when this happens. I know that they both are going to need prayers to get through this and for her to heal safely. I also know that her two kiddos are going to need help to understand what happened, as they had already told them.

I have two more blog posts in the works, but they are both unfinished so, be looking for them :)


  1. Wow, things really are going nuts for you! Praying for your neighbors and your friends family and for your surgery and recovery!

  2. Thanks so much for the prayers! Hope all is well with you!

  3. I read your post about a week ago, but didn't comment. I've been praying for your friends' SIL. Wow. I'm blown away by that.
    And praying for your neighbors. That is tragic.
    I hope that you continue to have such great progress ahead of your surgery! It will be so different to change your lifestyle, esp at the holidays. But you can do it!!!