Sunday, April 10, 2011

DIY Post #2 Kitchen Tile

This is our... "Renovation Realities" (my fav DIY show) Project :)
This project took a good month from finish to completion. There were moments when I really truly thought OMG this is never going to be done. But the finished product is well worth the time it took busy busy folks to finish!

The big decision... the left tile was a 17x17 tile that was more of a solid color not much variation, but had some texture (from Lowes). Choice two was 18x18 tile that had more color variation that was paired at Home Depot with the tile we picked as a back splash(already installed). I posted this pic on Facebook asking for opinions the left one by a vote or two, but we ultimately decided on the right choice. We are super happy that we did!!!

Hallway before the tile job started... bare concrete

Tiles are in but not grouted yet.

The boys started on the kitchen and this is about 3 hours in... Can we say NOT motivated :) lol

Morning of Day 2, this is what was finished on Day one of Kitchen Tile

Another view of day one progress... on to day 2

Day 2 of breakfast area/ kitchen tile

More of day 2 of kitchen tile

After many weeks of weekend and a few nights work, we began grouting and finishing up. Here are the finished pictures.

Grout it in!

Grout is dry and looks FAB!!!
looking from the living room

breakfast area before we brought the table back in.

This is where the magic happens lol! Really I do spend many hours right here on weekend nights making cakes :)

Walkway to the garage and laundry room

Thank You Lord!!! We have completed this Kitchen!!!


  1. Great job! I am jealous of your tile, we have linoleum :( It's really coming along!

  2. well Robbie and Nic could help you out on the tile :) Robbie said he would never do it again... but for you and Blake I am sure he would do it :)