Tuesday, April 12, 2011

FAIL!!! Well at least one thing went right...

Ok so you know that we are fixing up this old house... well I ordered some bedding for a "mock bed" in the 3rd bedroom. We previously used it as an office. I had originally painted it Tiger Blue. I had a silver and black futon and corner desk for my computer. Well after that computer crashed the year Robbie and I met, it became the catch all room. So with this whole selling the house thing I had clean out and paint my Tiger Blue room. It was a sad sad day!
But now that it is painted I have to furnish it. Which brings me back to the original issue... The mock bed. Well, we bought a new bed in January and still have had the box springs, taking up room in the garage of course, Side Bar: Hub's lawn trailer was until recently a cross between the Beverly Hillbillies and Sanford and Son with all the junk we were cleaning out but had no room for. Anyway, my mom had a great idea to use the box springs doubled up as a sort of day bed in the room to make it look bigger. So, tonight I finally got the box springs in the room got my new bedding out to see what it looks like.... This is where the fail comes in. :( I bought a queen size bed in a bag from Macy's for get this SUPER CHEAP!! $29.99. It was some super deal because now it is $49.99 and after opening it... I wouldn't pay that. Here is the pic from Macy's site:
Well it is not long enough to cover the ends of the box springs. The thing that gets me is that the bed skirt that came with it fits the length and ends, but not the comforter.

So, here is what I think I might do, put the bed on the opposite wall pushed into the corner(not my favorite idea, but...). That way I can hide one end and instead of using it as a daybed, it will just have to be a twin bed. I plan on having the room finished by the weekend and will post pictures.

My question to you is, comment on what 2 accent colors you think I should use. Our other bedrooms are nothing like this one. Our master is spa blue and brown and the guest room is done in golds and reds (can you tell I like those colors???). I have 2 colors I think would be good, but would love other opinions :)

Oh and here are 2 pic of the new roman shade look a likes I bought this weekend to cover the back and garage door. Since Zeke chewed the blinds on those doors to pieces. I love love love them and it makes the kitchen look so much better than the chewed up blinds lol.

Now off to bed so I will be bright eyed and bushy tailed for day 2 of TCAP.

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