Sunday, April 3, 2011

Things that make you go Hmmm...

So at many different times in my life I have noticed peoples actions and wonders wth??? In my experience I have taken what people say and do as good examples or not so hot examples. Why is it that as we get older some people grow older too and then there are those who seem to be stuck in egocentric mode or highschool stupidity. I am sure this is only a question that God himself could begin to explain to me.

I know as women we are prone to drama whether we like it or not, but come on folks we are in our thirties... Well some of us( I know some of you reading this aren't... But you are close lol) recently I was exposed to this type of behavior from the male persuasion... Really? How old are we? Is it really cool at 30 or more to make fun of your friend? I have found that thing we thought were hilarious at 20 are just not anymore.

Another thing I wonder is that if we continue to repeat something over and over are we trying to convince ourselves or are we trying convince others??? If we are excited about something but put a but blah blah blah in there to follow, are we really excited or we just trying to make ourselves feel better. This is kind of what leads me to my next hmmm...

Last but not least, yes I have given up trying for a baby right now, truly because I feel like God has pushed me in a different direction. But I still have feelings about it. I have overwhelming excitement for friends who are pregnant. Sure I do have moments where I wish it were me but, others I just wish those who were pregnant wouldn't share quite so much. Now, I don't mean to offend anyone who is pregnant and I am happy and have joy in my heart for you and your baby. I know sometimes people say that only a mother would understand... Well I think only a person who has really had trouble with getting or staying pregnant can understand where I am coming from. I think we(fertility
challenged) get a bad rap for not being happy or are seen as jealous but really it just is like putting salt in an open wound to hear every detail of the pregnancy.

But enough about that, I have two friends/ family who have had a terrible time at this adventure but both have been blessed with a sweet
little gift and I am just completely overjoyed for them both. One was a product of IVF and the other have been blessed with the ability to
stay pregnant. I have prayed and prayed for both couples and it gives me great joy to know the prayers are working. :)

I just needed to get that off my chest. Was going to post more pictures and post about the kitchen being done, but can't do it from my phone and now look where I went. Guess that was weighing on me, yep that was my rant post for the month lol

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