Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not the best 24 hours...

first, another pregnancy announcement, another 3rd pregnancy, another born in November. ENOUGH SAID

second, newest house motivation sold... in a freaking week. :( Only hope ours will sell that quickly.

third, Biggest Loser tonight was GREAT!!! Of course I was a blubbering idot... Thank goodness Robster was in bed ( hurt is back so you know its the worst back pain ever and I "just don't understand it"). Its just so close to home. And both girls in the top two have a lot in common with my story, I just hope and pray my happy ending is a sweet as theirs!!!

weigh-in in the am and this past weekend was NOT GOOD on the healthy front. I was ready to weigh in on Friday cause that is when I thought we were supposed to, and nope some time this week. So we shall see.

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