Sunday, May 15, 2011

Operation Sell This House....

Well, as you all know from reading the blog that we are looking to move and put our house on the market blah blah blah....

Well this past week was the week for houses to be bought and or go into foreclosure. There were about 4 houses on my favorites list on Crye-Leike site either were marked contract pending (SHOOT!!!) or no longer listed (DANG!!!). Luckily I have found a couple others that can keep my desire to get out of the dirty dova going :) lol *Side note, some friends bought one of the ones I loved, so at least I know the people living in it are great people ;)*

Anyway, so I told the Hubs that we had to get it in gear so that maybe we would be able to sell and find a home that we could have our family over for Thanksgiving. I don't know why I have always wanted to have a bigger house for family holidays, but I have. I know it sounds silly, but I want to have family dinners at my house not always have to go to everyone else's house. Not to mention it would be nice to give the Mom's a free pass for a few holiday dinners.

Back to the reason for the post, I bird walk too much lol. We tackled the garage yesterday. It really was a major eye sore. In fact I am still wondering if our neighbor across the street was really just that bored or was tired of seeing it when the garage door was up, because he came over and helped us clean it up and take stuff to the storage place. We filled our garbage can, his garbage can, and about 3 super big garbage bags with stuff that was for the most part trash. Not things that we would want to keep, things that got broken from other things being stacked on top of it, etc. Unfortunately, the dust and such did a number on my allergies :( So, I will be starting this week with my manly raspy voice and sneezing fits that are super annoying. The fact that I could park my car in there now is worth every stupid sneeze. haha

Today we tackled the closet in the guest room. That is where the hubs is supposed to hang his clothes. Well, he is still in that college boy live out of the dryer or pile of clothes on the floor phase. So this guest room has been a thorn in my side for a while. Back at the beginning of this whole adventure we went through the piles and got rid alot. But, with painting rooms and such some piles had formed again. So while I went through my life in photographs tub from the closet hubs when through clothes to give to goodwill or wash... How do you know if they are clean or not??? In the end the closet is now one that can be opened by prospective buyers, and admired for the space. :)

I was also on a mission to get the few last things done to the former Tiger Blue room turned Black and White Chic room. That room is now the only room completely cleaned, organized, & staged for buyers. So, without further ado here are the pics:

I love the way the bedding looks in the room. It is cheaply made, but I expected that when I bought the whole set for 30 bucks on Macy' I copied and pasted some pics of Paris from google and had them printed as photos. Those are the black and white pictures in the frames on the wall. The photos were like 50 cents and I had the frames already. I had a mission style black side table from the Tiger Blue room that was repurposed as a bedside table. The candle sticks were a Christmas present from a students that I was trying to sell in my garage sale. I did have to buy the candles, but that cost was minimal.

The curtains were the previous ones. I did by the lamp on the bed side table. The round mirrors were a steal at Home Depot for like $15 bucks. We bought the little laptop table at Walmart. And last but not least we were able to reuse the floor lamp we had in there previously. All in all I might have spent a Ben Franklin on the whole room.

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